HELP! Dane is keeping me awake

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I have a 6/7 year great dane. He was a stray for a very long time- was emaciated when found and so I know that some of his behavioral issues come from that. We rescued him from a great dane rescue about 2 years ago. He is very anxious, especially at night. During the day he whines until we let him out and then he will turn right back around and come inside and lay on the couch for an hour and then do it all over again. I have grown accustomed to this and it doesn't really bother me anymore, though I hardly consider it normal. My real issue- and it has gotten progressively worse as he has gotten older is that he never sleeps through the night. He used to sleep until 6:30 am and now he wakes up several times at night. He will whine and bark until we finally get out of bed and pay attention to him. Once he eats- he will be less restless for about 3 hours, but the problem is that he starts wanting to be fed at 2:30 in the morning. I am exhausted. He will go out around midnight and we will go to bed (he stays downstairs with his two brothers and sleeps on the couch). Around 2:30 he starts whining. We finally give in and feed him around 3:30 and then sometimes he is good until 8. Other times he wakes us up around 6:30. I have a four month old who has slept through the night around 3 weeks- but I am still exhausted because my Dane doesn't. It was easier to "put up with" before she came, but it is hard to have patience with him when my little one wears me out. I work for an animal hospital and am considering doggy xanax, but am looking for other suggestions first as I am typically holistic. Thank you!!