Fostering a Dane!

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Abby the- Attention Hog!
Barked: Wed Jan 12, '11 8:08pm PST 
I'm fostering a Male Great Dane, and I was wondering how much you fed your Dane daily? Morning and Night.

He will be on New Balance. Thank you all!

Also any tips on potty training him? He is almost 1 and has been outside most of his life other than inside to sleep at night.

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Fri Jan 14, '11 1:37pm PST 
Hello. smile
I don't have a Dane but have been showing quite an interest in them, so I will try to answer the best I can.

Per feeding, I would have to know his weight.. I couldn't find a dog food named 'New Balance', so I think you might have meant Natural Balance. You didn't specify the kind either, but their Ultra line has 485 calories per cup of food. And depending by the Dane's weight and activeness I would feed anywhere from 4 - 8 cups a day.. Maybe start out with 5 or 6 and adjust to his body condition. If he loses weight add another 1/2 cup, gains any then drop 1/2 a cup. And continue until you find something that fits for you guys.

As for potty training I would start him off as if he were a puppy again. Take him out every hour or two and keep an eagle eye on him. Be sure to watch for him circling or sniffing out a spot.
Are you going to crate train him? That would help a lot to prevent accidents while you are at work or busy with something. :3

Enjoy him! All the Danes we know are exciting to be with. party And thank you for fostering.