Do Danes need coats?

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Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Sun Jan 9, '11 11:24pm PST 
I would imagine in regular cold weather they would need one. But at what temperature would they need one to be comfortable?

Can they fair in snow?

also, in your experience. how well do dane's like water? laugh out loud i know some who will roll in every puddle they can find, but have also met the careful ones that stepped over and wet around every little drop of water. though i'm not quite sure which is the norm. :3
Corbin- Dallas

The better to- hear you with!
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 6:37am PST 
I know my sister (whos just came to live with us from being rescued) and other danes seem to love water, ponds and swimming.
I think they need coats they shiver with out when there is snow on the ground, than again they don't have handsome coydog coat like me. ;-)

MOM says:
I like to keeop a coat on the the ones I take trail riding in the cold it seems like if they keep moving and playing they stay warm but elder ones and not so energetic ones need a coat.
I found are rurual king supply store has nice ones for cheap like 17 bucks, insulated great Dane size too