Creating products for GIANT breeds only

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Monk SF

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Barked: Wed Apr 28, '10 4:29pm PST 
I have had two Saint Bernards, my first one weighed 190lbs and the second 150lbs. Both have been mostly indoor dogs and I pamper the heck out of them. I have always had issues finding products for their extreme size. After years of searching everywhere, I've given up on looking for what I need and decided to start a business making the stuff myself!

With Monk weighing 150lbs, I don't know many people with dogs much bigger but want to provide products for the 180++ range. Can anyone out there please help provide measurements to accurately create our Large and Extra Large sizes?

I need breed, weight, inches from base of neck to beginning of tail, length from middle of shoulders to elbow, and neck size all in inches.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Nala Galore

Hakuna Matata
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 2:51pm PST 
Your idea is awesome! It's not easy finding certain things for giant dogs. My problem is durability. My dane likes to dig in her beds before she goes to sleep, so after awhile she causes major damage to the material and I throw it out.

She's pretty small for a dane, so I don't think she'll fit into the category of measurements that you need. I just wanted to applaud your efforts. wink


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