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Great Dane Birth Weight/ Height Chart

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Lets Play
Barked: Mon Oct 8, '07 10:25am PST 
Hope this helps Pup's and families know by age the weight and height you should be

Great Dane Birth Weight/ Height Chart

Birth weight: 1-2 lbs
Week 1: 2-3 lbs
Week 2: 3-5 lbs
Week 3: 4-7 lbs
Week 4: 5-8 lbs
Week 6: 12-20 lbs
Month 2: 18-27 lbs (13-17")
Month 3: 30-45 lbs (17"-22")
Month 4: 50-65 lbs (21"-25")
Month 5: 65-85 lbs (25"-30")
Month 6: 70-100 lbs (27-32")
Month 7: 75-110 lbs (27-33")
Month 8: 80-115 lbs. (27-34")
Month 9: 85-120 lbs. (28-34")
One year: 90-135 lbs (28-36")

Full grown: 100-190 lbs (28"-38")

For males, 140-170 lbs. & 33-36"is typical
For females 110-140 & 30-33" is typical.

Great Danes Grow until they are 2 years old.

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♪Kahula Blue Russain

I wuffles Jakey- Wakey
Barked: Fri Oct 12, '07 6:05pm PST 
My dane is about 90 - 100 lbs.
She is 30 inches tall at the sholder.
She is 9 months old to!

Barked: Sat Nov 24, '07 11:09am PST 
I use the site im not saing this one is wrong just it seems to be about 5lbs off from 7 months on.


I'll Be Happy to- Share with you.
Barked: Tue Nov 27, '07 11:40am PST 
All about Great Danes is a great website.
Jeff and Bruiser visit from time to time.
Breeders of Great Danes and CH Kennels from all over the world visit the site it's professional Great Dane site for Information.

Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 10:20pm PST 
the growth/height chart should only be used as a guide. each pedigree/line is different.

I'll Be Happy to- Share with you.
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 11:02am PST 
The Chart is from the GDCA- (Great Dane Club Of America)
the chart used is a general guide. there are several charts on other Internet webites But the GDCA are the experts for the standards of Great Danes. i trust their information.
Sampson Duke

Aw- the couch...- Like sleeping on- clouds
Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 3:59pm PST 
I am 9 months old. I am currently weighing in at 90lbs ( I have a hard time keeping weight on), I am also 32inches tall from floor to shoulder.

I'll Be Happy to- Share with you.
Barked: Sat Nov 29, '08 12:04pm PST 
Sampson your still a Growing Boy.. Danes growth plates close after a year of growth, year 2 they fill out their chest and hips, year 3 they gain weight.. your still a young pup running and playing..
What are you Feeding Sampson how much and how often might be why he's not putting on weight or he's in a growth Cycle..
9 months 90 pounds your weight is good
your not underweight way to go
Sampson Duke

Aw- the couch...- Like sleeping on- clouds
Barked: Thu Dec 4, '08 3:51pm PST 
Not underweight, just seem to show my ribs alot and consistantly am growing..BOL I am eating alot. Well mom thinks so anyways. I am eating 9 cups a day.

I'll Be Happy to- Share with you.
Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 9:25am PST 
Danes can be picky Eaters.. If you have one that grazes and leaves kibble in the bowl then comes back latter you have a picky eater
you need to remove the bowl after your dane is finished..
Dane drool can cause the food in the bowl to go sour.

Kibble Eaters eat to aquire the nutrients and supplements from the food source. Once their Body aquires the needed amounts they dont eat as much.
you may have noticed when you change kibble your dane will eat and they are happy while they are eating that food. there is something in the formula that the Danes body needed. But they seem to stop eating it. and your asking what's wrong why wont they eat. It's simple. they have aquired the nutrients from the kibble.

Eaglepack Kibble is a Good Food source for Growing Danes as well as Adult Danes.Eaglepack is a complete balance of nutrients, fruit, protien, probiotics and supplements. but there are additions you can add to encourage your Dane to eat. add cooked chicken or Ground beef-add gravy ,cottage cheese and Pineapple.
Putting weight on a Dane is a process, there is no overnight success stories. Danes grow as much as a 13 year old Human child in 6 months thats alot of growing.Activity and too much excersise can burn weight off really fast.
I would nt worry too much about Sam He's still a Young Pup. if you are feeding him acording to the feeding instructions his body is getting what he needs.
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