Taking My Goldie To College?

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I'm really new here and had no idea where to post this. But hopefully other Goldie owners might have a better idea than I do...Anyways, I'm currently a college student finishing off my second year of Uni as a Pre-Vet major. Because I transferred out of state I had to leave my girl at home while I lived in the dorms. But I've recently found dog friendly apartments and my campus is pretty dog friendly as well. However my biggest concern is that my Goldie will be quite miserable out here. She currently has an acre to roam and hunt on with the other two family dogs. The apartments have quite a bit of property with a large lake for the dogs to play in, and twice a week students bring their dogs to campus for play-dates. But she would be spending a bit of time indoors while I'm in class. I'm just worried about her ability to adjust to such a big change along with the four day drive between home and the college town. Has anyone else had experience with this? Thanks everyone!dog

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I guess my question would be, how far are you from home? If you're not far, why not try it for a week trial run and see how it goes? You should probably pick a normal week, with no mid-terms or anything else out of the ordinary as your trial week. This would be the only way for you to know for sure if this will work.

My gut reaction, though, is that both you and your dog will be happier if you leave things the way they are. Dogs are a huge responsibility, especially big dogs, and do you really want to tie yourself down in this way during the 4-5 years of your life when you should be free to experience life and people fully? And do you think that you won't be distracted sitting in class worrying about how your dog is doing home alone in an apartment? I'd bet you are probably paying good money to put yourself through school...taking care of a big dog's needs at this time would be a distraction from your schoolwork, studying, and might rule out an extracurriculuar activities.

Also, even with a lot of on- and off-campus places to roam, you know in your heart that an apartment is not adequate lodging for a big dog like a Golden. They need space!

I would say keep the dog at home and come visit on weekends. Then, once you finish college and have your own place (preferrably with a big backyard), you can move your Golden in with you!
Kasey(Imissy- ou)

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I know this is an old thread, but I'd just like to respond anyway for future posters/readers.

I am three things: a new mother, a college student, and a golden retriever owner.

I moved Kasey from a house with 5 acres to run (and six other dogs) to a 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor with my fiancée's( now husband's) dog. and I tell you what, both of them couldn't be happier here in the apartment! Kasey adjusted well, and there were no issues with her "needing to run" as we are active people and took them to the beach and trail walks often as well as two fields for them to walk and play in next to us.
Kasey was an older golden, and laid back for the entire time I had her (age 3 and up).

so it all depends on the golden, their temprement and energy level, and etc.

I, for one, would NEVER leave my dog behind. EVER. It was simply not an option. It was more stressful for her when I would have weekend trips with my husband (then fiancee') and then come back than it was to move her out and into an apartment.
If someone told me I was being "unfair" to my golden because I had her in an apartment, I probably would have decked them in the nose. laugh out loud

Kasey passed away on Christmas eve due to a fast moving cancer that went undetected between vet visits.

My current golden is a bit more active than she was..but then again, shes a puppy.. but she is very happy here too