Considering a Golden Retriever- tips, advice, help??

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Hi everyone,
I have done quite a bit of research over the past few months and I feel as though a Golden Retriever would make an excellent addition to my home! I would love feedback and opinions from some of you lovely Golden Owners! While I am not planning to add another dog at this very moment, I am considering a Golden pup in the future. So. I'd like to do as much research now so that I make an informed decision and can offer the best home possible to any new pup. I would love to hear your experiences with the breed! Tips, suggestions, advice?? The reasons that I am considering a Golden Retriever are:

-First and foremost, I would like another beloved furry family member.I know each dog differs, but I like the breed standard and it seems like that breed would suit my active lifestyle well. I am very active. Both of my current dogs and I go on multiple long daily walks, trips to the dog park, trips to pet stores/dog friendly establishments, trips to the largest park in our area ( there are children, bikes, runners,other animals, you name it!. Any new pup would be exercised safely according to age and would start socialization asap.

-On the note of temperment, an even tempered dog is very important to me and another reason I'm taking a long look at Goldens. I want a dog that I can potentially train to become a Certified Therapy Dog (I know genetics, training, and aptitude all play important roles in that). I have met several Goldens and I absolutely adore that happy-go-lucky, friendly temperment that most of them display. I also think that personality would be excellent for potential therapy work. I do not currently have children, but my sister's kids visit often so that too is a consideration. I want a dog that has an aptitude towards friendliness and is tolerant of strangers as I often have friends/family over to visit (and some of them bring their dogs too, so animal/people friendly is a must).

-Activity Level- I love a dog that I can take on long walks, play with, and train for different things such as obedience, agility, therapy work, etc. I'm looking for an active breed that will thrive along side my two other active dogs. It would be fed premium quality food, groomed regurally, and as far as shedding goes- I'm not scarred off by fur...I own a Dyson and multiple lint rollers.

-Size: I love the size of a Golden; they're the perfect height for a hug! I like that they are a nice size and that they won't likely tucker out easily from my active lifestyle. I also like that that a Golden would be a good match for my current dogs, so they'll have playmates around the same size/energy level.

- Question, I know nothing about Goldens and cats. I own cats as well as dogs, so I would want to make sure to introduce at a very early age and train accordingly. Do I need to worry about that breed chasing/harming my cats? They would never be unsupervised.

-What do I need to be concerned about medical wise?? Any new pup will recieve proper vet trips and prevenatives. I will also be spaying/neutering, cleaning the ears, etc.

I have quite a bit of experience with dogs (former vet tech) and actively praticipate in obedience, agility, and therapy training with my current dogs and I'm looking at getting involved with Rally and DockDogs in the future. I currently have a 1yr old Australian Shepherd, Ranger(He actively praticipates in obedience and agility and is currently in training to become a certified therapy dog.) My other dog Macy, is a sweet rescued girl that's around 4 yrs old and she is in obedience classes as well. We actually had her DNA tested after adopting her (she has congenital heart defects so we wanted to plan training and medical treatments accordingly to her potential breeds/etc) Her test results came back American Staffordshire Terrier/Rottweiler/Chow Chow. Both of my dogs are excpetionally even tempered and wonderful with other dogs. They go on regular outings with me and have been properly socialized from day one. No aggression, food, or behavioral issues.

As far as training goes, any new addition to my home will immediately be enrolled in puppy obedience training and likely agility/rally as well once they're an appropriate age. After puppy/beginner training, I plan to pursue more advanced training, CGC testing, and hopefully with the correct training and aptitude, the new pup will become a Certified Therapy Dog. I am waiting a while to get another pup because I want to make sure that Ranger passes his therapy certification first without the distraction of a new dog in our home.

-Also, any breeder recommendations? I want to "do my homework" now so I have a long time to consider a potential breeder. We live in the Memphis area, but would be willing to travel. I would want to see mom/dad, health certifications, registration,visit the kennel,check references, and make sure that it is a reputable breeder and not a BYB. I am not so much concerned with coat/color/etc as I am with sound health/temperment/reputable facility.

Sorry that was such a lengthy post! Thankyou in advance smile

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My Zoe doesn't have any problems with Cats, she lived with one since i got her at 4 months old and we never had any issues, the cats just tend to run and shed chase for a bit then give up.

As far as breeders i got her from Fireside retrievers, they have great records, Zoes lineage is complete to back i think 5 generations, all important certifications are done of course. I was lucky enough to find her given that Push (triple champion golden) is her Grandfather. So you know that the breeder uses fantastic dogs when breeding. The communication with the Breeder is excellent too, she gave me great advice on where to find food and shes willing to do a full AKC registration if you do the certifications for your pup if youd be interested in breeding her in the future.

The breeder is even willing to do the breeding and help raise the pups for you.

Now they are field bred Goldens which means they are a bit smaller and the activity level should be higher which may work out perfectly for you. Temperement from what ive seen with Zoe is fantastic!

Give them a looksee
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Farrah never had any problems with cats either. If you want to get a Golden, beware that they are very prone to cancer. We didn't know that when we got Farrah Dawn, but we wouldn't change it by not getting her. They are loyal and friendly as well. Farrah was great with children too. I hope that this helps you.

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Eats post

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Gracy never chases our cat. The only problems are her ears getting VERY dirty and her long hair.