Is it irresponsible to breed my dog?

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I have the most wonderful female Giant Schnauzer. She's full blooded, but has limited registration because that's how the breeder set it up unless I got her some rating, that I don't remember now. Since she's my pet I never really thought much about it, but now I'm considering breeding her. I don't really want the puppies to keep, nor am I very concerned about making money. I'm not a mill, I just want to breed my female because I would love for any and everyone to be able to have such a wonderful pet. Is it irresponsible to breed a dog out of my desire to possibly preserve traits that I like in my breed or should I leave it up to the professionals?

Thanks for any input.

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I would not breed your bitch and I would leave it up to professional kennels who know what they are doing. They have the big picture in mind and care what happens to the breed. In your case, you really do not know her background/traits, etc. Enjoy her as a loyal and wonderful pet.