Please pray for Pete

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.


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Barked: Mon Sep 19, '05 5:44pm PST 
Pete hurt himself on Sunday and he might have to have surgery. He tore a ligament in his leg and I am so worried about him.
I love you Pete!

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Barked: Mon Sep 19, '05 6:11pm PST 
Oh Abby! I'm so sorry to hear about poor Pete! We will send up lots of prayers and get well wishes for him right now!

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Barked: Mon Sep 19, '05 6:43pm PST 
Not pete i am going to send many prayers toward his family

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Barked: Mon Sep 19, '05 8:18pm PST 
Pete we are praying for you and your family, get well soon!
Bella Beans

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Barked: Tue Sep 20, '05 7:43am PST 
Pete you are in my prayers. Please be strong and remember that we lov you!

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Barked: Tue Sep 20, '05 8:08am PST 
Pete, hang in there. I'm sure you'll be fine, but of course your family will worry. Puppy prayers for a speedy recovery buddy. I know how it is. We worry about my little brother Pokie, too, but he's doing pretty good right now. You'll do good too.

cutiepie china- babe
Barked: Fri Sep 30, '05 6:56am PST 
ahhhhhhhhhhh pete me and elvis will pray for your recovery get better soon

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Barked: Fri Sep 30, '05 7:48am PST 
Of course Abby! Saying prayers for Pete that he'll recover completely and without too much pain. Also saying prayers for his family that they'll be okay through all this!

Get well soon Pete!