Gypsy Road going to the vet on Monday...limping

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Gypsy Road

I\\\'m Bad!!
Barked: Fri May 16, '14 10:59am PST 
Gypsy threw up this morning...once. It was the size of a hair ball. He is eating and drinking water. I took them out this morning and when I brought them back in, I noticed that Gypsy seemed to be walking gingerly. I didn't think anything of it, because we have had a lot of storms lately and he's been anxious because of them. Just a little while ago, I noticed that he was limping. It's his left back leg. I called his vet and the soonest that we can get him in is Monday morning at 9. We could of had him in today but my babe's boss isn't the nicest or most understanding person in the world, so we knew that wouldn't work. We only have one car and I can't drive due to my own back issues. So the soonest is Monday morning. His vet receptionist said to give him coated aspirin and I read her what we have...which is specific for dogs. She said that was perfect and to give it to him, if he seems to be in extreme pain. That explains why he hasn't stretched yet. I know that my babe is going to have to carry him up and down the stairs, since we live in an apartment complex, on the second floor.

I'm worried sick. I tend to worry when it comes to the boys. Does anyone have any other suggestions besides the aspirin? Gypsy could also use the Power of the Paw and prayers right now. Thanks.
Hanna Belle

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Barked: Sat May 17, '14 7:52am PST 
Sending POTP for Gypsy! Hope she will be better soon and I know worrying is so hard. hughughug