Penny's Recovery From TPLO Surgery

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Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 was the day of her surgery. I was a wreck...couldn't function all day. I was aware until I dropped her off that she was getting an epidural...that worried me even more.
We picked her up that night, and to my relief she was in good spirits and not nearly as loopy as I thought she'd be. Her surgeon was amazing and had great news for us.I was really worried that her other knee would eventually need the surgery as the stat. was as high as 60%, but he assured me that the angle of her knees are really good, and that this was a freak accident.
We took off the bandage last night, and the incision was smaller than I expected, and the bruising is minimal. Yesterday she was putting weight on the bad leg, and could walk with our support. Thank goodness she's normally a slug, I've heard it's hard to keep them quiet post-surgery, but this is only day 2.
Penny was reluctant to pee and it took her a whole day, and my husband lugging her to the back of the yard to her 'spot' to make it happen. Poor guy she's a bullmastiff and really heavy!
Her appetite is pretty good, she's been eating 3 smaller meals a day - with a bit of yogurt on top wink I also made a recovery chart, where we document giving her meds., food, rehab, and notes.
Starting rehab. tonight. I'm apprehensive about hurting her, but I know it's for the best.

Thanks - I needed an outlet for my thoughts! silenced I welcome all advice or wisdom
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I have a couple of friends who have had the TPLO surgery. You are right that once they feel better, keeping them quiet is really hard. sometimes you will need to use crates or baby gates to keep them from running or jumping around.

Good luck with your recovery way to go

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Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.