Vet says Maggie has a tumor or lesion on her brain

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Maggie (I'm- Moms Angel- Now)

Punish the DEED- NOT The Breed!!!
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '12 3:41pm PST 
We got a phone call from the vet today after having Maggie in last week due to her seizures. The vet said she is older than six years and that since her seizures were not controlled by the medication that it is either a lesion or a tumor on her brain and that she is only going to get worse so we have to consider that it may be time to let her go. My heart is breaking at the thought of seeing my sweet special girl go into that final sleep. I plan on spoiling her as much as I can in the next few weeks while we sell things off to get the extra cash together for her cremation. please tell me that there is a way to ease the breaking of my heart.
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '12 3:53pm PST 
My heart breaks for you. We are all here to help you through this. Just talk to us and tell us how you feel. Nothing takes away the pain completely, but talking does help. hug

AKA Baby Face
Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 12:42pm PST 
praying for you. My sweet Baxter is going through this. You're not alone. Me cry alot. He takes pills 2 x a day. sometimes he not do too well. I pray for you Maggie frownhughughughughug

Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 4:11am PST 
I hate that this is something we have to go through...the grief and sorrow of when we have a sick pet. It's hard but we try to think of the happy times, the memories...those will eventually overtake the "sick part" we have to go through. Sending you lots of PoP


Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 6:10am PST 
big hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hug and prayers to you. Sorry,if there were a way to ease the pain we would surely share. Love as much as you can,and remember the joy and the good things. It won't stop the hurt,but may help you heal a bit faster.
CoCo ~RIP- 1997-2007~

Miss Smarty- Pants
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 8:30am PST 
big hug and prayers to both of you!

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 12:25pm PST 
Hope before you euthanize you take her to get a scan to confirm if it is a tumor.

Sometimes seizures don't respond to medication, or needs another type of medication.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 7:17pm PST 
I agree Lilith. Maggie went for a check-up. Lesions or tumours could be suspected, but can not be diagnosed without a proper scan. Treatment could be medication, surgery..there are options out there.cry

Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 7:17pm PST 
Umm, yes I agree with Lilith. She needs bloodwork and scans.

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 7:30pm PST 
While it is quite sad that you will put Maggie down, I am curious as to why the vet waited a week to bring up this diagnosis. When Dahlia had seizures, my vet told me there was no way to tell if it was a tumor without an MRI. Have you considered trying another vet who is more knowledgeable about treating a dog who has seizures? There is a wide variety of meds for this disorder and with time & patience, they can be adjusted to make her life better.
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