Prayers for Butch needed...Hypoglycemia caused by a Pancreatic Tumor

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 11:09am PST 
Butch is my furry little son. He is 15 1/2, born July 3, 1996. I delivered him, I've had him his entire life, he's my baby. Last winter he had some "seizure" activity..jerking, blinking, sorta out of it. I took him to the vet and they found nothing. A week ago, I was getting ready for bed when my little rescue Chihuahua, Annie, rushed up and started nipping at me, then running to the end of the bed. I noticed that Butch wasn't on the bed, so I thought he was not able to get on the step. I have a pomeranian that lays on the step and won't let the others up there.

Butch was unconscious on the floor. I grabbed him up, rubbed some syrup on his gums and tried to wake him up. I got him to rouse a bit and he ate some, but he kept falling into unconsciousness. Called the vet (this was at 5 am), called my daughter, his furless sissie and kept up with the syrup and food. Vet called back, had me meet him at the clinic...Butch's blood sugar was 17.

They gave him IV glucose, and kept him for about 36 hours. They couldn't get his blood sugar up above 50...then about 1/2 hour before I was supposed to get him, it rose up to 98. The vet did a test for Pancreatic tumor, as that was most likely.

I brought him home with a port in and emergency glucose. He didn't crash, but every day his blood sugar was a little lower. Saturday his foot (with teh port) was "mushy", so called the vet, they advised I remove it. I did, and found on the frong of his let (the vet had it bandaged) a wound.

I am feeding him wet food every 5 hours and keeping a close eye on him. Yesterday, he had a REALLY bad morning. He was rubbing his head, scratching, biting at his leg, so at 5:30am, I gave him a tramadol that the vet has given me for Butch's bad days (he's on Deramaxx for arthritus, with the tramadol for the really bad days). I called the vet as soon as they opened and they said bring him in, leave him and they'll work him in. I must mention that I've had MAYBE 15 hours of sleep in the last 7 days...I'm stressed, tired, etc. I must have looked like hell, bcause the vet tech and the Vet's wife ordered me home to get some sleep.

Picked Butch up that afternoon (this was Monday), he's now on steroids to regulate the blood sugar and antibiotics for his leg in addition to his regular meds. Today is Wed, still feeding every 5 hours, and the test results came in...Butch's insulin is three times the normal high. It's pretty indicative, according to the vet, of pancreatic tumor. Surgical removal is not recommended because of his age and the fact that they grow back. Chemo will extend his life, but not the quality. The vet says if the steroids stop working/don't work, there are other meds we can "throw in the mix".

I feel like I'm dying inside...he's my baby. I am not a child, I'm 42, I have a 21 year old furless child...but I feel like I'm dying right along with him. I don't want to consider him NOT being here.

I just hope that he makes it for a while longer..I'm not ready to let go yet.
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hughughugButch & familyhughughug No info on this but sending our love & Prayers for you all. Hoping you can get it under control. I also send hugs & Prayers for you to Know when it is "that time".flowers Such a loved & beautiful long life together.kissing DId you check health forums for any info on this condition?
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hug's for you at this tough time....

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I know how you feel. No matter what age we are we love our fur babies.
I will pray for Butch. And I pray that you will be given strength and that you will be able to get some sleep.
I hope that the vet can find some meds for Butch to make him comfortable and take some of his pain away. Amen.... hugs for Butch
REST IN- PEACE Butchs- Southern

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Thank you everyone....the prayers seem to be helping. At his Monday's vet appointment his blood glucose was 90 after not eating much for 8 hours. He is on steroids and tramadol and this appointment, the vet added a medicine to treat ulcers, since Butch hasn't been eating well. Despite the high steroids he is only slightly anemic, which is a miracle.

I just love him so much..he's my baby and I just don't know how to live without him. I want to keep him as long as he's comfortable....