Has anyone had experience with the cyberknife and brain tumors?

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Max was diagnosed earlier this year and last week he underwent cyberknife treatments. So far so good but we'd like to connect with anyone else who has done this to see if we can compare notes.

The reason I opted for it was that it was 100% non-invasive - no cutting, and that it's extremely accurate so minimal to no radiation hits anything outside of the tumors. It also has a pretty strong success rate in humans of shrinking or stabilizing tumors so they go dormant.
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I don't have any experience with cyberknife but it sounds very exciting and hopeful as a treatment. I'll be sending positive thoughts to you and Max that this nasty disease is outta there!!!blue dog
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but i hope you will stay wellbig hug


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no, but thanks for the info though. Baxter has brain cancer.
Praying for you.hughughug

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