Slipped disc

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Barked: Wed Jul 6, '11 8:30am PST 
Rolo jumped off the couch sunday morning and he must have landed badly. I didn't see what happened but noticed he was having trouble sitting later and was favouring one of his hind legs. I took him to a 24hour clinic later that night because he got worse and couldn't put weight on both of his hind legs at all. The vet there referred me to the emergency clinic where I was told Rolo slipped a disc and the surgery would cost between 5-6000 dollars. I saw the neurologist there the next morning to see what options I had because I can't afford the surgery. The specialist believes Rolo will have 50% recovery with rest and meds (vs. 95% with surgery). Rolo is home now with strict cage rest unless going outside to potty. He is walking now but a bit weak - if he turns suddenly he'll tip over.

Has anybody gone the non-surgical route? I'm really anxious, I hope I am doing the right thing. He does seem to show signs of improvement, I just hope it'll be complete recovery.
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Barked: Thu Jul 7, '11 7:16pm PST 
Praying the rest and meds work for you.flowers

Have you posted in health forum? YOu might get alot more info there.
Best of Luck! My brothers ShihTzu did have to have the surgery . He is now older and getting about with alittle hitch now & again but overall healthy.hug