Spinal Surgery

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On Friday March 18, I noticed Remington was having a hard time walking. I took him to the vet Saturday morning and was shocked when I was told he had a herniated disc in his back. We came home Saturday on prednison and tramadol for pain and strict bed rest. He did very well and even seemed to be getting better. On Wednesday March 23, Remington started dragging his back legs and wasn't able to walk or even urinate by himself. I immediately rushed him back to the vet and was told we had to get him to a neurologist before he lost deep tissue pain. We drove the two hours to the Veterinary Hospital at Iowa State University. We were told that he needed surgery as the only option besides being put down. Remy is only 5 and they told us the odds of him recovering were around 92%. He wasn't supposed to have surgery until Friday March 25th, but on Thurday morning I recieved a call from the hospital saying his condition was worsening and he was starting to lose deep tissue pain. They did a CT scan and found where the compression of his spine was and then went straight into surgery. He came through the surgery and almost immediately making small progress. He was awake and eating my midnight. The nurses still had to express his bladder for him though. We were told that he probably wouldn't be able to urinate on his own until at least the 28th or 29th. I recieved a call from the nurse last night and she sounded excited. Remy started urinating on his own last night and has been showing minimal movement in his back feet and legs! This experience has been so stressful and heartbreaking but the staff at the University Hospital has done everything they can to help us deal with it all. They are so wonderful! I am anxiously waiting for the evening call from the nurse for the update on Remy's progress today! They are supposed to be talking about when he may be able to come home! Has anyone ever gone through this surgery and rehabilitation process? Is there anything we can do at home to help Remy with his rehab? I would love to hear any and all suggestions!!!
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hugRemingtonhug Sending prayers & love for a full healing. Take things slowly and NO jumping at all. My fur cousin,A Shih Tzu had spinal surgery after sudden paralysis and is doing well several years later. He di have rehab post op. He has some cricks now & again but is around 9 yrs old.

I would use steps or a ramp for getting into car.bed or couches. Limit to leash walking,No jumping running. Ask about supplementing with Joint helpers such as Glucosamine & chondrointin,Msm, Omega oils. Of course check iwth your vet as well!way to go

Lot so good chews to help occupy & ease lack of expercise such as Bully sticks,Stuffed Kongs, food feeder toys.dog Feel better soon.hug

Added to check out/post in the HEalth forum here for more info! It is more active and you can search here as well for info.dog

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We wish Remington a good recovery!

Nemesis was recently struck by a car and needed surgery to fix his back vertebrae and straighten out his spine. That was about 10 weeks ago. After spending about 6 weeks confined to a crate he is almost back to his old self. We went from hearing that he might have to get his tail amputated, may not be able to use his hind legs, or might have a limp to a dog that has his tail, can run, jump, climb stairs and stand on his hind legs. He is well aware that he is more limited, but you wouldn't think he was hit by a car just 10 weeks ago.

The first few weeks I called the vet because he would go almost two days at a time without pooping or urinating. So we added canned pumpkin to his diet for more fiber and eventually he would go when he needed. We would stand behind him and help him express his bladder while supporting his hind legs. But he decided that he would rather pee laying down.

So HANG IN THERE! I'm sure Remington will make an amazing recovery!winkblue dog