Please Keep Those Prayers Coming!

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Angel Flying Too- Close To The- Ground
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 9:58am PST 
I am now 2 days past the longest time the vet gave me. I'm still not showing any signs of siezures, loss of appetite or any signs of pain! I am THE DOG!!! My mom is SOOOOOO happy that I'm such a tough little fighter. We count everyday as an extra gift and blessing. Please keep us in your thoughts.
Hope (and Mom)
Little Bit

Die cancer! - Die!
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 10:53am PST 
Way to go, Hope! You're right, every day we have with each other is a blessing. Let's make the most of each day! I'll keep the prayers coming as long as you can keep fighting.
Bella Beans

Original Dogster- DIVA praying for- Rusty
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 12:06pm PST 
You go Hope!!! I believe in you...you are the DOG!!! We will keep the prayers coming...don't you worry about that! It is so great to here good news...Hope is beating the odds....Little Bit is kicking the crap out of cancer!!! Yeah!
(((Hope))) (((Little Bit)))

Marlowe CGC

Monk the Hunk
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 2:06pm PST 
Hope, it's so good to know that you are proving the doctors wrong. Each day is a gift and we are praying that you have many many many more.

I love and miss- you Dutchess
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 6:01pm PST 
That's wonderful Hope. You are a strong doggie. We'll keep those prayers coming sweet little angel.

Cutie Patootie
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 7:04pm PST 
Dearest Hope, Keep fighting the fight!! Those Doctors are not always right. Only you know when it is time. My whole family is praying for you & your family. Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Love & Hugs
Belle & Family

For Rio:Cysts Be- Gone~Wellness- for ALL
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 7:48pm PST 
So happy to hear that you're doing well, Hope. We'll keep the prayers and good vibes coming!!!
Taz - In Loving- Memory

For Little- Bit - DIE CANCER DIE-
Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 7:52pm PST 
Your name says it all Hope! Keep fighting! We have loads of prayers still coming!

Barked: Thu Aug 25, '05 4:39am PST 
Good for you Hope, your name is truely what you are. You are an inspiration for all as dogsters. My mom and I will keep praying and hoping for the best!! Remember God loves you, and your mom.

For Rio - Cysts Be Gone!- Die Cancer Die!
Barked: Thu Aug 25, '05 9:27am PST 
Hi Hope - Paws crossed that you continue to do so well. Thrilled with this news. You are "THE DOG" and we love you and your family and continue to pray daily. You're a fighter!
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