Lucky and his Back

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Lucky is 6 1/2 years old and is the most important thing in the life of my wife and I. It was the day before Easter when we were getting ready to go out, we gave him a treat and when he went to step into his bed to get it, he yelped in pain. So we waited and it seemed to stop. As we went out the door we heard him wimpering in pain so quickly came back in to see what was wrong. He was walking slow but we really had no clue as to what had happened. He seemed to be doing OK, but late at night he would seem to have another attack. He heard someone out side and started barking, but his barks were different. At the end of his barks, he was squeeking, sounded like it hurt to bark. From there it turned into cries. Me and my wife were in a total panic. He finally settled down and was able to get a good night sleep, although we did not. The next morning, when Lucky awoke he could barely move. Every move he made he cried in pain. So on Easter Morning we wound up in the Emergency Vet. The vet said neurologically he could find nothing wrong with him, put him on Rimadyl for 6 days and just let him rest. He seemed to be doing fine that week with rest, didn't show any signs of pain of anything.

But come that Saturday, when he was outside going for his walk all of a sudden he slowed up and could not walk comfortably again. Not nearly as bad as the last time, but Lucky was still in pain. On Monday morning we took him back to his regular vet, once again she could find nothing wrong with him. Said more rest and keep him on the Rimadyl and also gave him a muscle relaxer. That week on the medicine, he seemed to be doing very well again. But once again, the following Saturday he woke up in pain and crying(Still not as bad as the first time it happened). Back to the regular vet who said we should take him to a neurologist. The neurologist examined him and said she too could find nothing wrong with him, but assumed it was his back because of the common back issues in doxies. This time we must put him on strict rest for at least 4 weeks and leave him on the Rimadyl and Tramdyl for 2 more weeks. She took him off the muscle relaxer as she thought that was too much.

So now for the first time in his life, our poor boy was in a crate. To our surprise, he took to it rather well and didn't complain too much. The worst was the first night of night of not being in our bed, he whined for 1/2 hour. After that he goes in every night and it doesn't seem to bother him.

It has now been 4 weeks since he has been on his strict rest and we notice an improvement. One thing that bothered us was that when he did bark, he would squeek/cry at the end of his barks although no vet seemed to understand that or had ever heard of it. But the thing that gets us is, even during these four weeks he seems to be having these set backs. And in the beginning, it seemed to happen even while on medicine, but then as time went on he had no set backs on the medicine. After two weeks of being crated we took him off the Rimadyl, but after about 3 good days of being off of it, he woke up stiff on the 4th day and did not want to come out of his crate, once he did he was walking slowly but other then that no crying or being in any visible pain. We called the vet and explained it, she said it could be a case of arthritis starting for him too, but wasn't 100% sure. We started him back up on the Rimadyl and within about an hour all signs of stiffness seemed to disappear. It is amazing how much this drug helps ease whatever it is bothering him. We wound up putting him back on it for another five days and the last time he had one was this past Friday. While on it this time, we noticed him acting as good as he had since the beginning. The little time he was out of the crate, he really looked like our boy from before he got hurt.

Yesterday, he seemed to be fine and marked four days of strict rest(no running, jumping, stairs...). All day he seemed happy and his time out of the crate he seemed very good while going for his walks and eating dinner. But then last night came, when it was time to go to bed and take him for his last walk he got up and did a small cry(I hate to even call it a cry because it sounded more like he got up and said "Oh Sh#t" because he felt it. He laid back down for a moment, before coming out a bit slow. He went out for his last walk and did fine. But this morning, he woke up stiff again and is moving slow. He seems to be in no pain today, just stiff or tight. You can even tell by the way he lays down that he seems comfortable.

So I'm not sure what to do at this point. Just a few days ago we read to put him on Vitamin C and glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, so he has also been on that for about 5 days now. The other thing the vet told us to watch out for is the use of his back legs, to see if he shuffles or loses use of them. He has never had any signs of anything like that which we take as a good sign. Its just killing us seeing him go backwards after all this time, it really seems as if we go two steps forward, one step back. Any opinions or thought would be really apprecaited at this time.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading anything you may have to say.

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We feel for you Lucky!


My sister Sydney has back problems also. She is a purebred Corgi and prone to them like you. She had unsuccessful back surgery for 2 herniated disks and now is getting a cart. The vet thinks she also has degenerative myelopathy too. Sydney never had the acute pain you describe. She dragged her feet, crossed her hind legs and stumbled - that is when she could walk better.

Has Lucky had an MRI or CAT scan? I'm no vet of course, but it does not seem that masking the pain with medication would be an effective long term solution. Given that our short legged and long bodied friends are prone to disk problems, perhaps that should be ruled out, if it hasn't already.

You are in our thoughts and we sent the power of the paw. If you want to send a pawmail, my mom would be happy to give you more details if you think it might help. She tried everything with Sydney and in retrospect, wishes she could have done some things differently.

Good luck and take care,


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Hi, I hope Lucky is feeling better. I've had quite a bit of experience with dachshund backs. Over the past many years I've had two that required surgery and one that needs to be crated a couple times a year. Dodgerslist.com is the best source of information and resources that I have found. Good luck.