Surgery tomorrow... and he might not make it

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 12:40pm PST 
I am taking my parent's dog, the dog I grew up with, to the vet tomorrow to have a large tumor removed from his face. His name is Ben and he is a black lab. He is 13 years young. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old and he is the smartest, sweetest, most loyal dog my family has ever had.

About a year and a half ago, a small growth started on the outside of his mouth. My parents did not want to take him to the vet because he was old and they figured it was just a fatty growth. I have not lived with them for five years now so it was their decision and not mine. Over the past 6 months the tumor started getting bigger and bigger. I had been begging my parents to take him to the vet but they always gave some excuse like no time, no money, blah blah blah. In January I really got on them about it and was told they would take him when they got their tax refund. I do not go to their house very often because we live in different cities. I went to the house for Easter Sunday and was mortified when I saw Ben and saw how big his tumor had gotten. It is about the size of a grapefruit, hanging from the side of his mouth!!!! I could not believe how big it had gotten, and could not believe my parents for not taking him to the vet!!!! I decided to take control of the situation and took Ben to my vet this past Thursday. The vet was shocked that it had not yet ruptured and shocked that Ben was in such good spirits despite his condition. The vet commented that he must be one heck of a dog to still live happily with a huge tumor on his face. She said many dogs could not tolerate that and would have either scratched and ruptured it or died from the stress. Ben is an awesome dog, needless to say. Despite this tumor that has handicapped him, he is still a happy dog that wants to give kisses, hump his blanket(he loves it) and do his tricks for treats. He deserves so much better than this......

He is sch. to have the tumor on his face removed tomorrow. The vet is worried about how he will handle surgery at his age. She is also worried that she will not have enough skin to close the wound, or that the skin will have too much tension and the wound will continue to rip open. If this happens, they will euthanize him on the operating table. I am praying that he will pull through. His skin has stretched pretty far which makes us think that hopefully they can close the wound.

I am upset with my family and upset with myself for not doing something about this sooner. My mom is full of regret and says she didnt think it was serious. I spent the weekend crying and stressing but now I am just trying to be optimistic. Ben's happy go lucky spirit makes me believe that he can pull through this. And I will be at the house everyday to help with his recovery if he does make it.

Dogsters.....Ben and I need your pawsitive energy tomorrow!!!

Is that for me??
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 3:03pm PST 
hug for Ben from Lily and Moira hug
Elmo- (1996-2009)

Elmo the bed- hoggin doggin
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 3:43pm PST 
Good luck Ben!!hughughug

Sir Tucker- Peebody- Freckles

Arianna's- protector
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 5:57pm PST 
I'll be praying for Ben. Sending hug your way.
Oliver -- My Beloved -

Dogs make you a- better human
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 8:33pm PST 
Oh....you can be assured that we will be praying for Ben.....he sounds like a wonderful dog and you are doing everything you can for him now. He knows you are helping him too. I have had dogs go through surgeries and it is so scary; but hopefully, this will be the beginning of more good years for such a good boy. Please let us know how he is when you can. Prayers for Ben!!
Lady Sophie- of the Great- Hunt

The Baby!
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 9:07pm PST 
hug Huggies and prayers for Ben. hug

OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 6:50am PST 
thank you all so much for all your well wishes!! I just dropped him off at the vet... will update later, hopefully with good news!

Ben was so excited to go "bye bye" with me this morning and was so excited when we got to the vets! I do think he knows that I'm trying to help him. god bless him......
~Angel (RIP- 11/20/07)~

Busy sprinkling- angel dust all- day
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 7:08am PST 
hughug Good luck hughug
☆Edie,- NPC☆

Play- nice!!
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 9:53am PST 
hughughugBen and furmily. I hope you get a good report, and I am wishing fur comfort fur you, Ben.hughughug

OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 12:07pm PST 
He pulled through!!!!!!!!! happy dance

The surgery took two hours, they just finished and he is already awake in his kennel! They weren't able to remove the stem of the tumor because it was attached to parts of his nostril... but the main mass is gone, although eventually it will grow back. They are keeping him overnight for observation, but it sounds like he will be ok!

I am so happy and so proud of our Big Ben! I knew in my heart that god would see this through, Ben really deserved this chance at a happier life! I am soooo making him a dogster page when he recovers!

They also said that his heart,liver,and kidneys are in excellent shape and not reflective of his age at all. Hopefully he can come home tomorrow to my parents house. I left him a care package of lots of good quality canned food and soft doggie cookies. Although I cannot be there all the time, I will be very involved in his recovery and making sure he is getting all the TLC he deserves.

I am beyond happy and would like to thank everyone again for their support and well wishes.

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