rectal prolapse

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the chewer
Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 3:58am PST 
this all happened about 2 weeks ago . he was trying to lay some stools and i notice his recum came out of his bum. he was in alot of pain .it was on a sunday an all vets were closed so i searched and search for an emergency vet and found one. we rushed him there and he took him straight to surgery. the vet said its a 50/50 chance that he'll pull through. nismo being so young ( 11 weeks) it was a lot for a small dog. we only had him a week at that stage and i was in bits. we went for the 4th check up yesterday . and thankfully all is good.. big grin i will be forever thankfull to the vet .

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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 4:16am PST 
hughugNismohughug Thank dogness you are feeling better!! xoxo River
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hughughugNismo....hope you're doing ok!