Kidney Disease

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my 4 year old German Shepherd female named Mia was diagnosed with the kidney disease and all we know we have to swich her food to Royal Canin Renal MP Veterinary diet. Does any body out there know what we can do to keep her healthy and get rid of this disease? What can we give her and do to keep her healthy and make her kidneys funtion well? Please help me, can you give me any advise?

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I wish I could give you some advice, but all I can do is send good thoughts that you feel better.

My sister Sydney is on special food for her bladder infections and she seems to be doing better. Hopefully your new food will help you too.

Stay strong.wishes

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Hi Mia,
You are a beautiful girl. I managed Choo Choo's kidney disease for the 2 years we had her.

There is no cure for kidney disease but it can be managed, and your dog can have a good life. For now the most important thing is to keep her on her prescription food, and always make sure she has plenty of clean, fresh water available. Most importantly, be sure to follow up with your vet as instructed to monitor her bloodwork and urinalysis.

Sometimes other meds are in order, depending on her bloodwork, but that usually comes in the later stages.

Good luck, and if you want to chat, please feel free to pmail me. Please keep us posted on how Mia is doing.


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Hi There Mia wave

My Milly has kidney issues, I had her to the vet about a two weeks ago, she was going potty ALOT, drinking lots of water and I couldn't keep weight on her. After a urinalysis, we discovered the issues, the vet has put her on an antibiotic as well as medication for her kidneys. "Azydol" I believe she will most likely be on this for the rest of her life. She is also on a bland diet and prescription dog food the "k/d" version, for better kidney function.

I saw in previous posts that kidney disease is not curable , but managable, which is very true. My Milly is probably a little a little farther along with the disease than Mia, as she is on some meds. But since the meds and prescription food, she is doing very well. Her weight really hasn't gone up, but she is older. She is not tinlking nearly as much and I also keep a full water dish readily available to her.

When managed, they can lead long and happy lives. Milly is doing well.

How is Mia doing? Please keep us posted.
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Hi Mia. Sorry this nasty disease found you. I went through it when I was just a young puppy and unfortunately it eventually is what took me when I was just over a year old. frown

During the time I was sick though, mom did a ton of reading on different diets and supplements that would be helpful to me. What I would suggest, is going to the K9 kidneys yahoo group and browsing the forum for different ideas. Obviously any treatments or diet changes you should discuss with your vet, but some of the people in the group have had great success with various supplements and treatments and are a wealth of knowledge. They will at least give you something to take to your vet to ask questions about.

Can I ask if you know the kidney values or if you know what caused the kidney problems in the first place? My kidney values were off the charts for pretty much the entire time I was being treated. The vet wasn't sure how I was defying the odds and doing so outwardly well.

I hope your levels are fairly manageable and you'll be able to thrive for a long time to come. Feel free to pmail me if you have any questions as to what I was on for mine. I try to help out where I can, since I know how difficult this diagnosis can be to take. hug
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Even though I never posted on Yahoo after WINston's original diagnosis after the Menu Food poisoning, K9Kidneys site on Yahoo is by far the best site for getting good, proven info on how to keep your pup happy and stable. Be warned though, when it gets bad, it gets bad. You'll read posts from people celebrating that their pup ate a cube of chicken and a cracker... and people congratulating them. Heartbreaking. But, dogs with kidney problems can live for years and years with proper management. WIN lasted 1 1/2 years after his poisoning, and he was very active up until the very end--he passed of heart failure not related at all to his kidney disease. Keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

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Milk thistle will help Mia.


Pleas e take a look at the above site. Milk thistle is the most effective way to treat kidney issues with pups and is widely used with humans, as well. It essentially flushes the bile ducts and organ of the damaging toxins. I routinely give my four pups milk thistle due to the disease's high tendancy. Milk thistle is nonnarcotic and also routinely prescribed to humans for the same health condition, so it's widely sold in CVS chains, Walmart, etc.

When you start the milk thistle, you have to administer slowly because it can cause exceptionally watery diarrhea as it cleanses the bile ducts. I sprinkle a little bit over their food, two to three days every other month. It's recommended that whatever your dog's weight - you give it that percentage of the human dose.

If you're interested, pmail me and I can provide more information.

This really is a WONDER drug for canines suffering with liver disease. It's also an excellent preventative.

Tucker, Vayla, Joey and Max

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