New puppy might have distemper!

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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 12:34pm PST 
Hello everyone. I'm new to Dogster. I rescued a puppy yesterday that got dumped. She was doing great yesterday, but became sick overnight. She doesn't want to eat today, although she did yesterday. Just started having diarrhea and I think I heard a little coughing last night. I took her to the vet today. He says she has a little bit of fever and sounds like some bronchitis. He prescribed an antibiotic and dewormed her. He went ahead with the first distemper combo vaccine, in case she has something else. She's about 3 months old and has probably never been vaccinated. Even though it could be any number of things, the vet warned me that distemper is bad in this area and he can't rule it out yet. We have to see how she will do over the next few days and weeks. I just can't stop worrying about it. I have another dog that played with her and drank after her yesterday, but the vet says my other dog should be fine because she is vaccinated. I sure hope so. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with distemper and how it went. She might just have a little respiratory infection, though. The antibiotics might take care of it. The diarrhea could be from a change in food. I' don't know. I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to about it.
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Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 10:54pm PST 
We're keeping our paws crossed for a pawsitive update on Noelle.

wishes, Jack & the gang

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Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 11:28pm PST 
We took Sparky to the vet, and they thought it was distemper too. We called the shelter where we got him at, and he had already been vaccinated for distemper. Thank God! We just figured out it was a bad case of kennel cough, we got rid of it within the next few days. Your not sure if it's distemper, are you?? If so, we are praying hard, Distemper is a very horrible disease.frown

But Sparky didn't have that diarrhea, so that might be something else, I am not sure.thinking

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Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 6:51am PST 
We are sending the power of the paw and hoping for the best.

You are so kind to help this sweet puppy. I am posting your message in our PAWS group and asking everyone to send healing energy and love....


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Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 9:04am PST 
hug Try and think positively, that this is just a little infection and will get better very soon. The stomach issues could be a little bit of nerves, with everything the poor little pup has been through. cry We have you in our prayers. hugwishes

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Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 11:56am PST 
Thinking of you and keeping positive !!! The diarhea could just be the upset of having a new place and change of diet etc. Keep us posted.dog

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Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 5:17pm PST 
Distemper is nasty, the nose runs green snot and it's terrible, the eyes will have a green discharge too.

Distemper is now making a come back, since people are not getting their dogs their shots, I have seen 2 come in with it and both did alright. Two of the nastiest things I ever had to take care of was dogs with distemper and parvo. It is preventable, I just don't understand why people don't do the shots and the animal suffers and the cost for care far out weighs the cost of the shots.

I hope it's just a infection and your pup will be fine.

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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 9:09am PST 
my now almost 6 month pup had pneumonia and kennel cough in sept and had his 3 way then - and numerous antibiotics so the 2nd distemper had to wait as well as the bordatella and adenovirus and parafulenza vaccine - getting the 2nd distemper and at least bordatella this week.

he has been w me for 3 weeks now and is still bronchial
has bronchial infiltration ( not penumonia) and is on a bronchilator 3 times day ( oral)

he also started a med for itching 3 times a day ( environmental ) doing allergy bloodwork thursday at vet

his bloodwork is excellent except for his white blood cells are tad hgih .4

he does have eye discharge worse in am and a constant tiny bit all day
it's clear white, not green

he was whelped 7-15 wormed etc had 3way on 9-20

he was at a foster home as the breeder doesn't have room for " older pup" whithout designated home and the coughing didn't start until mid september

i got him dec 12th

any thoughts about this and the discharge? they think it's related to his allergy and itching as he only itched one time at foster home when a wet food was changed.

he takes 4500 omega 3 oils as well for heart coat and inflammation

benadryl 2 capsules 3 times a day was not enuf for the itching

mostly hind flanks, rump toward docked tail and now neck a little

after reading this now i am concerned about distemper but he did have pnuemonia and had leftover broncial infiltration on x rays 12-18 but much much improved over previous x rays oct 17th.

he has great enery and appetite

do you think the discharge and itching related? i think so!

think cough is totally the bronchial

bronchilator amyillicne ( spelled wrong) seems to help

he is tad young for bronchitis but one never knows

oh! he is a purebred boxer
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Barked: Tue Jan 6, '09 5:04pm PST 
When I was adopted, I had a high fever and bronchitis, tonsillitis and kennel cough. I was vaccinated for distemper at the shelter. The vaccination caused a false positive for distemper, and had I not been with Mommy and had I not had Dr. K as our vet, I might not be here today.

They don't treat for distemper here... but I'm healthy now and just pray you will be too!!!hug

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Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 6:36pm PST 
I have had chronic bronchitis since I was a pup, allergies galore, we did the benadryl thing until I started having seizures at age 2, they said that benadryl can cause seizures if Iwas taking it for too long.

I had pneumonia last spring and a hacking cough, I still have it, the cough, but with my age my doc puts me on a anti-biotic and a cough pill which helps. I also get valium if I have a seizure orally or rectally depending on how bad it is.

As a pup I had tons of allergies, runny eyes, runny nose, chewing at my front legs, until there is no hair on them, you name it. The vet then will give me a steroid shot Mom has me on Omega 3 and of course joint supplements. I don't think I'm doing too bad, I'm going on 16 years and that's pretty old for a lab and I still can out run the rest of the pack. BOL!

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