Darn Darn Darn Darn Darn

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Mr. Loo,- SuperGenius
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 7:02pm PST 
Good luck with your treatments, Autumn!
Duke -Rest- In Peace-

My mommy and- daddy miss me :(
Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 5:10am PST 

Master of the- Grumble...
Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 7:37am PST 
How are you doing??? We are sending positive puppy energy your way!!!!hughughughug


I LOVE- everyone!!!!!
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 11:55am PST 
Prayers, prayers, prayers!
Thinking of tou and wishing you the best! hug
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