Prayer for Zoe!

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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 12:36am PST 
Hi! My name is Zoe and I have Liver Disease!cryI'm really scared, because I lost my mommy, her name was Gigi! She had Liver Disease too, and even though my human mommy, was always taking her to the vet and having her treated, she did not have the strength to fight anymore and she died! I found out I had Liver Disease too, about 1 month after my mommy was diagnosed!confusedI am doing ok for right now, and I'm trying really hard. Mommy takes me to the vet all the time too, and they keep jabbing me and poking and prodding at me, but if it's going to make me get better, I don't mind. Mommy cries, because she feels bad and she's been watching what I have been going through in the past 5 months, when I have my bad days! Mommy took me to the vet again this past Saturday, to get another blood test, to see if my levels dropped. If they haven't, then I might have to have a Full Liver Biopsy done, so they can really find out what exactly is wrong with me and that's very risky, because I only weigh 3.5 pounds! Mommy is getting the blood results back today and she is very scared. Can you please say a prayer for me, that my levels have dropped, so I don't have to have the surgery? Thanks Zoe!hailwave

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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 7:34am PST 

I feel so bad for you and your mom. That is too much for one person and one pup to go through.

Big prayer that your levels dropped and you don't have to have the surgery.

Hugs to both of you. hughughughughughughug

Please take care and keep us posted.

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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 1:32pm PST 
Awww Zoe you are so small and fragile. We are praying for you sweetheart hug

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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 1:56pm PST 
hug Praying for you Zoe hug

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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 7:09pm PST 
praying for you too Zoe, keep us posted on how you are doing
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Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 12:32pm PST 
Praying for little Zoe
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Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 5:24pm PST 
Aww Zoe that is so hard for you and your mom. I hope you will be ok and will pray for you.hug

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Barked: Thu Nov 6, '08 10:43am PST 
X-tra prayers for Zoe. I hope that the results were goodhug

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Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 10:17pm PST 
Pls plz plz god don't do this to little Zoe, she is so little & so cute......just hope she recovers well


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Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 11:53am PST 
Awe, sweet lil Zoe- that's too much for poor lil you!
We are praying for you. hug
Update please?