My Dachshund, Frankie, has a slipped disc. I have questions.

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how is baxter and frankie now

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I found this thread as I was searching for questions to this exact thing. My little Harley has 3 herniated discs (that's how the pet hosptial diagnosed it anyway) and I am so torn/hurt/heartbroken to see him in pain. I am 3 weeks in with this and this morning when I left for work he was in sooo much pain. I am afraid to go home and sew what state he is in. Has anyone ever had 3 "slipped discs" at one time? I am supposed to be doing everything you have all talked about with strict crate rules and pain meds but it seems to be making him worse or just plain getting worse.
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Sending our best for your little guys full healing.flowers Put a new Post for your pup might get more info and to also Post over in the health Forums. A worry we have with our long bodied shorter legged gal as well.meditate

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Hi guest...sometimes crate rest isn't going to be the answer. i was in the same boat with one herniated disc...we tried crate rest, but after a couple of days, I had to go in for surgery or I was never going to walk again.

I would call your doctor and let them know your lack of progress. It does take weeks of strict crate rest. As long as you have some function, and aren't paralyzed, surgery is an option. I believe once paralysis hits, you have just over 24-48 hours to have surgery in order for it to be a high success.

I wish you luck hughughughughug
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