My Dachshund, Frankie, has a slipped disc. I have questions.

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Franklin- Zero- Stein--"Fran- kie"

Hi! I'm Frankie!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 9:51pm PST 
After 2 days of thinking that my baby Frankie had just hurt his foot I decided to take him to the vet to make sure that that was all that was wrong with him. I found out that he has a slipped disc in his back and I was wondering if someone else has had this problem and could tell me how much did the surgery cost to get it fixed and did it work and would it heal without the surgery (the vet said it might) and just any information anyone can give would be wonderful.

They said the surgery would probably be over $1000.00 and I'm trying to raise some of the money for it because I'm only 16 and though I do have a job, I don't have that much money right now.
Ginger - rest in- peace

Brave Heart
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 11:00pm PST 
Poor Frankie. Dachshunds are very prone to back problems. Over the years, 2 of mine have required surgery. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible when a disc is involved. Prompt attention can save a dachshund from paralysis. I'm glad you got Frankie to the vet. If it is possible, see a vet experienced with dachshunds or a neurologist. It is very important to reduce his activity. Absolutely no jumping. Frequently these guys must be in a crate for 5 weeks while their disc heals. Just as frequently, they need surgery. Please check out the breed specific forum for dachshunds -- you may find additional information and support. There is an excellent website dedicated to dachshunds and their backs: www.dodgerslist.com. Surgery is expensive here in Los Angeles but I don't know about your area. If there are any dachshund rescue groups in your area, they may be a good resource for information. I am sending Frankie lots of healing thoughts and energy.

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Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Tue May 15, '07 11:12am PST 
So very sorry to hear that Frankie is hurt. I do hope you can raise the money to help him. What about your family?


Barked: Fri May 7, '10 10:11am PST 
Hello, I’d like to share some news about laser disc ablation. My dachshund, Jackson, at 3 yrs had multiple painful episodes of pain and losing his hind legs functions. Each time he had an episode we would crate rest for a 4-6 weeks and he got better a few times, this went on for a year or more. Finally with the last episode, he was losing all function and had to have surgery. Surgery was a success but it was a slow and painful healing process, like caring for a baby. The surgery in Seattle was about $5K (which is outrageous, I’ve noticed other areas charge $2500-$3K).
Around that time we learned Jack had multiple discs that may rupture, as the doctor said “he did not win the back lottery”. 5-6 months went by and we started having multiple episodes again, which were different discs protruding now. We were devastating!! I spent hours researching online and came across laser disc ablation. Was this the answer to my prayers? Yes- it was!
I won’t go through all the details but you can read about it at http://www.dfwvetsurgeons.com/t-facstaboutbacks.html. Basically it’s a non-invasive preventative procedure where they just shave their back and insert needles and use a laser to vaporize the disc material in multiple discs at once. The dog rests for 2-3 weeks then returns to normal activity. They have very, very LOW numbers of dachshunds who relapse after this.
To be fair, Jack had a few painful episodes right after, which the doc said was not normal. We rested and were OK-it worked! Now it’s been a 1 ½ yrs and zero episodes, running, playing, and actually in the best shape of his life (he used to carry extra weight- hence the back problems). But of course no jumping! Best of all the surgery is only about $1500. So it was actually cheaper for me to fly to Dallas (from Seattle), pay for a hotel, & have the surgery then it would be to have 1 more BIG invasive back surgery in Seattle, plus I believe with our careful care-he is cured now!
As far as I know there are only 2 locations offering this, Dallas (link above) and Oklahoma State. Also, you do have to have you dog stable for a month or so BEFORE the operation otherwise the needles could push the material out more creating more problems. That was scary, I felt like we had a ticking time bomb—we kept him crated for 6 weeks prior and I was scared the whole time he was going to have a problem, but we made it. I just had to share because I found this on my own and it wasn’t information readily available on the web. Please share with anyone who may need this and feel free to contact me with questions. Best to you all!
-Stephanie & Jackson
Olive- (1997-2011)

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Barked: Tue May 18, '10 7:41am PST 
Poor Frankie. Sending you lots of hugs. hug

Its really a shock to hear your dog has a herniated disk. My sister Sydney had several and had the surgery. Unfortunately for her, it was not successful.

My advice would be to get on the internet and find out all you can about it, as well as a good orthopedic/neurologist. The surgery is very difficult and very expensive, with a long and very tough recovery period. You need to be well informed before making the decision. Sydney's surgery was over $5000 [we are in So.Cal. where everything is expensive]. We also spent hundreds of dollars on physical therapy, acupuncture and massage after surgery, so you need to be aware of the extra costs. Now we are spending $500 to get her a cart. It is not just the surgery cost and Frankie will be better.

Good luck to you. I have heard of many success stories with the surgery. We were told our chances of recovery were 70%; hope yours are better.

Ruf, dog Ruby
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Barked: Tue May 18, '10 11:19am PST 
Run, don't walk to Dodger's list. Many dogs have been rehabbed with just crate rest and steroids. Google it and it will be a lifesaver.
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Tue May 18, '10 11:39am PST 
I am not a dashund, but i jumped off a rocking chair and slipped a disc, they gave me a shot for inflamation, and the vet said no jumping, crate rest only, thank god i am fine now. The vet said no jumping up or down off of any furniture, because she may become paralayzed, the vet said surgury may help or it may not, and the surgury was 5000.00 dollars. We didn't have that kind of money, i am doing great.hughughughug
Pretzel &- Pumpkin

Pretzel believe- she is a- Princess
Barked: Wed May 19, '10 7:09am PST 
So sorry to hear about Frankie and his disc problem. I have two Dachshunds with the same problem. My vet said stop them from jumping on and off the furniture "Yea right" he should know how stubbon Dachshunds can be. !!!! I have to pile cushions all over the chairs and sofa to prevent them from jumping up Boy! they sure have me trained.
Anyway hope he gets well soon.
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Thu May 20, '10 2:24pm PST 
Pretzel we have bedspreads stacked up on our furniture too. Frankie how are you doing sweetie? shrughughughughug

Bad Baxter Brown- is what they- call me!
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 7:50pm PST 
Frankie hug
Baxter needs a hug back . His mom wants you to know that we are going through alot right now. Almost same thing.
Baxter is really bad.... I feel totally helpless. He will have to go to specialist next if he doesn't improve.... I am thinking some compression in his back..... vet too....
It is very hard I can only imagine what you must be going through..... I started out crying all day monday and tuesday seeing my dog in pain and in misery.... I feel very hopeless right now.....
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