A Little Concerned

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Barked: Sat Oct 1, '05 12:45am PST 
Hi, I'm Miss Rabbit, and I recently came out of the pound. The pound spayed me & I've been feeling down and out from it. One side of the wound on my belly got a bit puffy. Is this normal or is this what they'd consider swelling in a spot, and is it normal on the 4th day after spay.

I also tend to sniff everything, the ground, the air, all I do is walk around and sniff stuff, and I seem very discontended/uncomfortable/borderline neurotic...

My breathing can be wetted, and I cough little coughs on and off, but we are unsure if it is due to something I'm sniffing, and it is sporadic. I hope it is not kennel cough! I was vaccinated for 2 whole weeks before coming here, shouldn't the vet have caught & treated that?

I don't drink much, and I won't eat much.

I have a vet check up on Monday, which all these concerns will be discussed, but I was wondering what you guys are thinking. I'm being a nervous nelly!
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Barked: Sun Oct 2, '05 7:55am PST 
The sniffing and coughing could be kennal cough! I would address all those conerns to the vet!

Is the spot of the swelling red and warm to touch?