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I have a GSP that is less than a year old and he is verry thin. I know that they are known to be skinny dogs but I am worried about his weight. I have dewormed him and i feed him at night so he cant burn it off right away. any sugestions?

*he eats 4 cups of food a day*

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They tend to be very thin dogs and it can be hard to put weight on them - especially for the first 3 years. I have had 5 of them. My current one is 3 and still very thin.

I recommend the following:
-Feed the dog at least twice a day. we feed the young adults twice a day plus one bedtime snack for the skinny ones. By feeding smaller meals more often you will also reduce the possibility of your dog developing a gastric torsion (bloat)
-4 cups of dog food is a somewhat meaningless measure. what brand and what quality of food? How many calories per cup? Adult dog food (kibble )ranges from 250- 500 calories per cup. A GSP needs a high calorie nutrition dense food though they don't tolerate high fat food as well as say a Lab so you need to choose carefully to get a lot of calories and not too high a fat percentage. Cheaper foods will bump the calories up with more fat so beware.
-kibble is not the best source of nutrition for a very active GSP. if you want to feed kibble for your convenience, please supplement it with fresh people food or scraps, a high quality canned food, or a can of sardines. Fish oil supplements are also great.
-digestive enzymes can also help your dog extract the max calories and nutrition from his food . Also plain yogurt , kefir, or cottage cheese which add easily digestible calories and some good flora to his gut
- try adding a cup of water to his meal for each 2 cup of food. Imagine eating dried camping food or crackers or dry cereal . Much easier to digest if you mix a lot of liquid in.

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Thank you so much for the info. My gsp just turned 1 year and I have the same problem. I understand animal nutrition very much and feed my girl a very high kilocalorie diet and constantly deworm her but still can't get weight on her. I am afraid people are going to make rude comments about her being so skinny. I own weimaraners as well and have never had weight issues with them. It was my understanding when I researched the gsp breed before we got little stella that they are very similar to a weim only a little smaller but my Stella is half their size and she is a pure bred registered with the akc. But I am pleased to hear your comments. I thought I was the only person with this issue!!