Is a GSP right for me?

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So this will be a few years down the line, but I like to do breed research before I commit to owning a dog. I just got a show line yellow lab puppy who is amazing but will probably be a little too stocky for everything I want to do with him. I don't regret having him, AT ALL because I loved the breed and wanted my first dog I own by myself to be a lab. However, I am a runner and love to run long distances. I've read that GSPs, once growth plates are closed and are trained up to it, do well running longer distances, and I have also read that they are very loving dogs. I love the way they look also (who doesn't? laugh out loud.

So my question is are they a good breed for me? I have two cats who are great with our older labs at my parents house, and want to be great with the little puppy but he's still a bit bitey for them, and I work full time (7:30-5) usually, but when I get my 2nd dog I will have a much more predictable schedule...and I plan on using puppy day care and/or pet sitters/dog walkers when needed. Will a GSP work for my home and lifestyle (I will have a yard, fenced, etc.)?

Thanks all - feel free to be honest and harsh if necessary smile I'm just looking to be informed and give up this research if I should smile.

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firstly the Gsp is a great dog I own one myself and she is a great family pet, loyal watch dog and also a hunter. I use her to hunt deer this was my main choice for his breed.

The GSP is a dog that needs a lot of attention & stimulation so a second dog is a must for those of us who have to work to live...otherwise they will tear your section to pieces when your gone, I got a second dog specifically for this reason and now she is fine.
they are also a dog that requires a lot of training so that their mind is stimulated and so that they can play constructively not destructively I've seen to many owners of GSP's who say they got a bad one when really they haven't taught it a thing and use it as a walking ornament. NOTE all dog can and will be destructive if bored just GSP's do it better.

I also do a lot of running and cycling and these dogs love to run & run and when you get home they will grab their ball and want to play fetch and run some more. so a great choice for a training companion however I do have to say why cant the Lab go running with you, if you don't overfeed them like a lot of city folk do and exercise regularly they will run as far as you can. Im off a farm and Ive found that the city vets cant tell the difference between a fit lean dog to a skinny malnourished dog...this is very common in labs as they can just eat and eat and carry to much fat making them slow and lethargic when in reality they are a game dog and love exercise.

hope this helps a little I may have gone off topic a bit
so yes a pointer would suit you as long as you are prepared to put in the hard work of training and correct handling, I would consider taking obedience class's to cement control on and off lead without having to give it a treat every 5sec.