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Hi all,

I'm a new (well i've had Puzzle for a year now) GSP owner. My GSP is called puzzle and is 13 months old puppy. She currently lives with a 13 yr old English Springer and if Puzzle is left alone then the whole street knows i've gone out!!! treat balls work until she's either eaten all the food or get distracted by something passing the house then she will bark and howl, then remember she has her food ball or kong and go back to that for a bit and this generally goes on until I return. I've filmed her behaviour using my webcam as it's useful to see what she does when i'm not there shrug.

She's not distructive on her own, but she will quite happily shred the mail when it comes through the door, which when it's not junk mail causes a little bit of a problem! I was wondering if there are any other GSP owners on here that live in the eastleigh area of hampshire as I would like to meet other owners and go for walks dog walk as puzzle doesn;t find too many dogs that can match her speed and energy levels, i've met a few GSP owners with older GSP's who aren't quite as interested in charging around as puzzle is. She has played with a few other GSP's and it was so nice to see her playing with another that understood what she was doing as such. I would like to meet on a regular basis so puzzle has someone to walk with. Molly my springer can no longer go for long walks due to an age related enlarged heart and arthritis.

Do GSP's do well living on their own? It just worries me that when Molly goes Puzzle will find it hard to be on her own, Puzzle has been hand reared and comes from a litter of 11. Also the other 'problem' i have is her jumping up, chasing runners or cyclists when we are out, once she spots them that's it, i've got no hope of recalling her, she gets so focused that you can't break through that focus to get her attention to get her to come back, it occasionally works if i have a tennis ball (but not when i've thrown it and she's got it and then spots the runners etc, even if i have a spare ball in my pocket - couldn't careless as she ahs one in her mouth.) as for food - she loves it but again couldn't careless when she spots something. I can shout bye and usually run or walk off and she will normally come back either before or after she's said hi to the runners, cyclists or has just jumped up on someone. I need to curb that behaviour because my best friend has now got a little baby (nearly 4months) and i can't trust puzzle not to be other enthusiastic around them, if (and it's a rarity) they come over then i have to shut the dogs in the sitting room until they go (molly is fine around kids, always has been) shrug. So any ideas on the above or anyone wants to meet up, then that would be great.

Clare & Puzzle

p.s how do you upload a profile picture?
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I'm a firm believer in kenneling dogs when they will not be supervised. Crash is over 3 years old now and has serious separation anxiety if we leave. My MIL (mother in law) lives with us but if she is in her room with the door locked, there is no one "really" watching Crash and we have come home to some awful messes. So, even if there are people in our house but they wont be watching the dog, he will go to his kennel.

It's safer for him and for our house.
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My GSP is 13 months old too. She is crate trained and does fine being in her crate. We don't let her stay in longer than 5 hours at a time. When we walk in the house she often doesn't even get up in her crate and remains curled up. She used to sleep in her crate at night but she started whining and barking so now she sleeps on her own downstairs. So far this works but we have plans to let her go loose in the house when we aren't home until she is at least 2. For her protection and our cats as well.

Callie is very distracted when walking. I find stepping between her and whatever she has her eyes on works in getting her attention. This was a suggestion from a trainer.

Callie is an only child with boundless energy so we send her to daycare. She loves playing with other dogs and helps with her socializing. And it allows us to do things and go out at night without feeling guilty.

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GSPs need lots of exercise and they need a job. And if they don't get either they will become destructive. A dog will howl and bark when you leave if you are not the pack leader. If they are howling or barking, theyn they are telling you that they did not give you permission to leave. I am working at becoming the pack leader. I'm making progress, but my dogs still own me! puppy