German Shepherd??

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Barked: Wed Jul 24, '13 12:40am PST 
I adopted my dog Cosmo 2 months ago from a humane society as a stray. I was told he was a Shepherd mix. I love him to bits and now am just curious of what he could be mixed with. Any ideas?

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Barked: Fri Jul 26, '13 11:58pm PST 
What a cutie. There are some shots where he looks total gsd, but that one where it's full front almost looks doberman-ish. Then again, I also could see ACD. laugh out loud
Whatever he is, he is obviously well loved cloud 9
And.... welcome

edited because I called Cosmo a she red face

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Barked: Sun Jul 28, '13 2:18pm PST 
I second the ACD. Whatever it is, he's a handsome boy.