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I have a 7year old German Shepard who has never had solid poop from the day I got her two years ago. I don't care how much the food costs, I just want one that is good for her and good
For my lawn. I have had her on taste of the wild, wellness core, and now on California natural.....I use pro biotic a and have tried raw,which she hates. I once gave her a turkey wing and she looked at me like I was nuts. I have tried cooking the raw stuff and that goes a little better but diarrhea is still the results. I took "Baby" to the vet for blood and fecal tests and all is ok. We now are trying a round of antibiotics just in case. Any help would be appreciated. What do you think of royal canine gs? Ingredients sound crappy.

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I am going through food allergies with Bella and I found Blue Buffalo Basics and Wellness Simple line of dog foods that have limited ingrediants. I have been on Blue Buffalo wilderness for a while but am still having issues so Mom is going to the store after work to try one of these new foods out. Hope that helps! Oh yeah and Royal Canine GS is not good, I agree the ingrediants are yucky! That is what we had Bella on when we first got her. . . . good luck!

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German Shepherds are notorious for their sensitive stomachs, so your problem isn't too unusual. When you say you tried raw, was it just offering her the turkey wing? If so, it doesn't sound like she hated it as much as didn't realize it was food. Did you try hand feeding bite sized pieces of chicken or beef? Not saying raw is the only solution to your problem, but if you're willing to put in the effort with raw, most dogs do thrive on it. If it doesn't work for her, then it doesn't work, just want to make sure it wasn't dismissed prematurely.

When you switch foods, is it a gradual switch? And how long do you give each food before deciding it isn't working out? Any change in diet is liable to cause loose stools initially, so it's important to give the dog time to adjust. Switching to a raw diet is often done cold turkey, but it's best to start with a bland protein like chicken and to include bone if you can, as it helps to firm up stools. New proteins are introduced gradually after stools are looking good.

Royal Canin isn't a food I would use. You could look into Nature's Variety. They have frozen raw, freeze dried raw, and a line of high quality kibbles. ZiwiPeak, The Honest Kitchen, and NRG Pet Products are also good raw diet alternatives.


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I agree GSDs are famous for tummy trouble.
Where did you get her from?
What was she previously fed?
What does her coat feel like? Greasy, dry, etc?
Does she have bad breath or gas?
How often is she fed and how much?
Is she overweight, underweight?
How much exercise is she getting?
What does she get besides her food?

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GSDs are very well-known for their digestive problems. I know a few ppl who have GSDs or GS mixes with the same issues of diarrhea that your dog has. I feel for you and for him!

Many, many people will tell you that the Royal Canin GS food changed their dog's life. I do know that Royal Canin has done a ton of research specifically on GSDs and the food they made just for them is a real answer to their problems. I found a video (kinda poor quality, sorry) that explains the research behind the food and why it works... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR5775wtjtg.

I wouldn't put so much weight on an ingredient list as most people do to tell you if a food is good or bad. Just looking at ingredients doesn't tell you much at all about the quality or digestibility of the food, and it definitely doesn't tell you if the food actually works. Royal Canin has done more research and trials with their food than any other pet food company out there. There's a reason why dogs do so well on their food.

I wouldn't knock it until you try it. It would likely mean the end of your dog's diarrhea problems.

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Royal Canin & their breed specific formulas are a marketing ploy. It is not the worst food out there, but there are MANY MANY better ones.

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My guy had poop issues most of his life until a few years ago. I did have him on Wellness Core - Ocean Fish. I liked Wellness but he still had runny poop. I switched him to Natural Balance Venison and he has had solid poop since!! This was a huge victory for me....I hated picking up runny poop on every walk! Sparty is allergic to chicken so it's always hard finding food/treats with no chicken so my choices are always limited. For me it was just trial and error till I found what worked with his sensitive tummy. Good luck!