Do I get another puppy

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We currently have a male German shepherd puppy that is 7 months old who is called Flash. We had another one who was 10 years old, who died two weeks ago. We not sure if we should get another puppy for Flash. He doesn’t seem lonely but he is very active. I was thinking that another puppy could deal with his energy. We take for long walks, train him every day and play with him every day and he has still more energy. He does get naps in between which just recharge him. He is a very loving dog.

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Sorry to hear of your loss hug

I personally wouldn't recommend getting another puppy until your current one is older and through his bratty teenage phase. He'll likely start acting out to some extent in a few months, and depending on the dog it can be quite a trial, as German Shepherds are known for being difficult adolescents. Having a young puppy at the same time will just increase the amount of work for you and take away time which could be spent working with your current dog.

I firmly believe that raising a GSD for the first 2-3 years of its life is a full time job, and it's preferable not to have any other puppies during that time. Plenty of people disagree and I'm certainly not insinuating that it's impossible to raise multiple puppies, but I don't feel it's ideal. Dedicate all your time to your current dog as he goes through all the changes involved in growing up, then consider adding another.

As far as expending some of his energy, how much off leash activity do you do? Leashed walks are good, but they do very little to tire my GSD out. We go on daily off lead walks, in safe areas of course, where he can run, sniff, explore, and go at his own pace. Even a large open area like a park field could be a good option if you go during off hours when no one else is there. If you're worried he'll run off or his recall isn't the best, put him on a 30 foot long line so he can run but you'll still have control. Wind him up, run around with him, throw a toy, ect. Anything to really get him moving except leashed running on hard surfaces like pavement as that can damage the joints of a growing large breed dog. Go for soft surfaces and let him decide how much to run and when to stop.

Make sure you're working his mind too. The daily training is great, just make sure you teach new things frequently so it doesn't become a boring routine. You could also look into sports which are usually great physical and mental exercise. Agility, herding, tracking, ect. Just make sure if you pick a high impact sport that you keep things low impact until his joints are done growing at 18-24 months.

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Thanks so much for your advice! I really appreciate it. We def take him off the leash and he gets to run quite a lot for long distances. I just think he has a lot of energy. He def also gets a lot of mental stimulus and training. He loves training and often doesn't want to stop.snoopy

Thanks once again!


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hug for your loss.
I agree with Onyx. I also want to add that getting a pup to help your 7 month old expend energy might backfire...you'll have twice the energy to deal with laugh out loud
Plus pretty soon your 7 month old is going to turn into a total butthead adolescent. He will be testing limits & your patience daily. He'll *forget everything you have taught him, and go through a fear stage. Guidance & patience will be key. But rejoicesnoopy This stage only lasts until he is 2, or 3 years oldbig laugh
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First... so sorry for your loss!

I was just thinking about how 6-y-o Charks has mellowed laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

OK, but mostly we're on the same page now... mostly
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I always recommend waiting until the current dog is at least 2 years old before getting a second one, but you have to make your own decisions in what is right for you and your family.