is my dog sugenite really a shepard mix?

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i wish i could post a pic but have no way to do it. i was told by the person who has the mom that he is a lab the mom and a shepard mix the father the vet says his head and ear shape appear shepardy but his ears dont stand they kind of stand at the base then flop over he has a thin tail big feet but three weeks ago he got on the scale and was 24lbs he is about 4 months just starteing to lose puppy teeth. he is all black. a thick body like a lab and the coat of a lab i was also told the mom is not very big how big do you think he willbe full grown? he is very sensitive and sweet never met a person or animal he did not like kind of has a thin muzzle not like a lab please comment. thnksrainbow
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If the father was a shepherd mix, then I would say that your dog is also a shepherd mix. Have you considered a genetic test?

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It's quite common for the ears on Shepherd mixes not to stand, especially when they're mixed with a breed with floppy ears like a Lab. Hard to say how large he'll be since he's a mix and you don't know the weight on the parents. Given his suspected mix and current weight, I'd guess at around 70-80 lbs, but really you'll just have to wait and see.

If you upload the picture to a photo sharing site like Photobucket, you can use this link to post pictures.

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