I need advice about my last French Bulldog litter.

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Hello! I've been browsing this great site for a while but this is my first post.

So, I have a gorgeous French bulldog female named abby! I have bred her a couple of times and have never had any trouble with the stud service I used. Well, the stud dog that we always went to was unfortunately attacked by another dog and wasn't in any shape to breed this time, poor baby. So, I had to use another stud service that was recommended to me by a local veterinarian.

Everything seemed great! Both my abby and his stud,larry are akc registered. The pregnancy went great! And birthed 3 beautiful puppies. Well, then the breeder said instead of pick of the litter he would take $1,000 instead. My daughter fell in love with his pick so it worked out perfect paying instead. Well, after I payed him I could no longer reach him by phone. Now, my daughter is unable to register her puppy. He was akc registered and I was provided proof of it.

My question is, is there any way I can register my daughters puppy? I have all paperwork for the mom (abby).

I appreciate and advice, thanks!