Doubting breed?

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Hello, I am new here. We got our French Bulldog last week. When I took her to the vet he asked if there were any Bostons on site. I told him no but he kind of gave me a look. Then he pulled a phamplet with a Frenchie on it and kind of looked at it then at my puppy. So now I'm wondering if she has something else mixed in. Her muzzle is a bit longer and her legs do seem somewhat long but she's only 12 weeks. I have scoured the internet for photos and she does look like some images I've seen of Frenchies. I guess my question is, has anyone else ever had their FB mistaken for another breed? We love her regardless but we paid for a certain breed..shrug

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People sometimes ask me- " is that a Pug?" LOL Our little Frenchie is only 19 pounds and very short and Cobby. She is 3 years old. My cousin has a FrenchieBow and it is tall and thinner than a Frenchie and is black and white. They bought him because he was $1000 where as a Frenchie is around $2500 to $3000 ( or higher) I'm sure your little girl is adorable. I have seen some tall/ skinny Frenchies that weren't mixed. You can have a dna test done. Think it's about $60. That may put your mind at ease.
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Do you have a photo of the pup in question? We're sometimes asked if Mary Jane is a Boston Terrier but only when she's with our similarly close in age/size Boston Terrier Tanqueray. Guess people assume they must be the same breed laugh out loud