ASPCA Spay/Neuter

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I am bringing home my first Frenchie in the Spring and am thinking about my spay options. While money is not a concern of mine, some of my friends have argued that they got their dog spayed through the ASPCA truck that comes around charging a low fee for the spay and neuter of dogs. I am not looking to skimp on my girl's surgery, but if the ASPCA offers spay/neuter for a low rate, and do the surgeries often, are they more experienced? i would love some insight on research people have done and whether or not it is a good idea. Please let me know!

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This is purely speculation and opinion, but I would feel more comfortable letting my vet handle the procedure versus the ASPCA. I think the ASPCA is probably a great option for people who are low on funds. I have not researched them personally so I'm not saying anything bad about them. But I have a pug and have been researching frenchies pretty heavily for about a month now, and because of the respiratory/anesthesia issues in these types of breeds, I just wouldn't trust anyone other than my own personal vet to put my dog under. If I did go through the ASPCA, I would make sure they did all the pre-anesthetic testing and followed protocols that are recommended for brachycephalic dogs.

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I have been through the same situation. I have and english and french bulldog and the ASPCA does the spay/nueter for 70.00 comparened to 200+. I acutally scheduled the appointment with them and then did more reseach. These brachiocephalic breeds cannot have ACE as the ansthesia. It causes death in these breeds alot of the time. I would really ask what the ansthesia they use is and how experienced they are and how they would handle emergecy situations. I know when I asked about mine, thye got really really defensive. They vet had no clue about the breed and ACE. Just do your reseach...