French Bulldog needs new food! HELP!

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My 6 1/2 month old frenchie seems as though she has back and forth diarrhea and soft stool since we got her. She also as bad gas and poops 5-6 times a day. At one point the vet put her on a an antibiotic and prescription food and that worked great. Her stool was better,less gas, and pooped once or twice. Shes been on natures recipe but I haven't gotten any good advice on what a better food would be! Any good advice! I feel horrible for my poor pup!

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Sorry to hear that!
Natures recipe is a decent brand we looked into it for our frenchie as well,
we ended up finding a dog food called Fromm, they do have puppy food, and they are quite expensive compared to petstore food prices, but then again frenchies arent cheap pups smile

our pup still has gas ofcourse, not as bad as before though. when we got her she was on purina puppy chowshock gas was horrible.

however fromm is a very reputable brand and very good for them ingredient wise.

i would definetly look into it.

best of luck to you! you can message me if you have any questions about it!
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We have the answer to your question, the best you can do is to clean her/his colon. You can use DetoxPlus, from Petalive, it is a natural herbal supplement.
They come in a 60 capsules container. Give one in the morning and one in the afternoon for the whole month. You will love the results.
Change his/her diet to as much natural as you can, no wheat at all,
We change form Eukanuba dried food to Science Diet can food plus meat, chicken or fish and vegetables. If you use treats, please buy the ones as natural as possible, Like dry chicken or Salmon from Dogdwell Vitality, they are grain free. This works excellent for our frenchie. Hope you can do it.


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My frenchie puppy has the same problem! We got her from the breeder about 2 months ago and ever since, we've been battling soft stool and the occasional blood when she strains to poop. She's never had a solid poop, and it's usually always really soft as she goes 3-4x a day, with each being of substantial amount. We've been corresponding with the vet and the breeder, and initially had her switch on to the natural balance duck and potato, which made her poop slightly better than the watery runs we've been getting before when she was on Wellness. Through 2 negative fecal tests and hundreds of poop bags later, we are close to our wits' ends with her bowel movements that seem to be out of control!
I'll be trying the PetAlive supplements to see if it'll help.
I'm wondering if I should try another diet change to see if it would help more also, does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard good things about Acana grain free and will most likely try that first...