French vs. English Bulldog

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Barked: Thu Nov 18, '10 9:37am PST 
My husband and I started talking about what dog we wanted to get next (won't happen for another 5 years or so), and he for some reason wants an English Bulldog, but I've always wanted a French Bulldog (I just know I can't afford it until I get a real job and put my college education to use). He wants an English b/c he says they don't bark and they're calm. I've only been around 1 Frenchie before (my great aunt's) and I loved her, but I'm wondering if she was a special case. My aunt's Frenchie never barked, and she was also really laid-back and good with other animals.

I know Frenchies are EXPENSIVE, even if you adopt an adult instead of getting a puppy with all the potential health problems, but does anyone know a lot about both English and French Bulldogs? I'd love to see a comparision list between the two breeds covering things like common health problems, temperments, and any other oddities either breed has (like Frenchies passing gas). Thanks in advance!

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I know this is an older post but I will share anyway.

I was in the same boat you were about 3 months ago. My boyfriend and I were talking about buying myself a dog and were dead set on an English bulldog (i showed him frenchies but he did not like them). I did a lot of research and spoke to numerous sources (owners, multiple vets, etc) and all i ever heard was "health problems" or "a vets dream". Considering we are both still in school and don't have thousands to spend on vet bills, we decided they weren't the best dog for us. I wanted one to be lazy with and because the puppies are oh so adorable. Even considered a miniature english bulldog. Anyway, after deciding not to get one we were both devestated and even considered not getting a dog at all. A few days later we were both surprised to have brought home a frenchie. He has brought us so much joy it is unreal. They are more active, more travel friendly and supposed to have less health problems than english bd's.
Rearding your aunts dog, I know they are ALL different and have their very own personalities. I tote Diesel where ever i go, he sits in my arms or on my lap and never misbehaves. At home he is playful but he knows when it is time to calm down and cuddle on the couch. The only time he barks (or growls, its an odd sound) is when he is frustrated, stuck somewhere that he can't see or get to me.
The passing gas issue i think you are definately going to have with BOTH breeds.. Diesel is pretty foul. Some of the health problems depend on the dog itself and its bloodlines/breeding. So far, we have had no skin, eye, ear or any of the other minor problems frenchies get. He does have a sensitive stomach once in a while but i found out i was giving him a little too much food. He is on Innova puppy dry and wet.

I hope this helps you decide! I would definately recommend a Frenchie smile