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Boss Lady
Barked: Sun Aug 23, '09 5:20am PST 
First, we need to know what kind of bowel problem your Frenchie has. We have four Frenchies and have been through all the food. From the regular, to the very fancy stuff. Because Frenchies might have some allergies, we have settled on grain free. Some frenchies do well on a fish formula. Right now we are feeding our four Acana, it is made in Canada by the makers of Orijen. we feed our puppies Orijen and they thrive. We notice that our Frenchies don't have to go potty so many times a day and their coats and skin look wonderful

I'm a Good elf
Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 9:18pm PST 
Well, my parents settled on feeding me Wellness Super 5 Puppy Mix kibble and Innova Evo Canned Chicken n' Turkey. I also have been on Royal Canin HE for when my food was too rich..with some of the kibble sprinkle in ..and My favorite is a little Pure Canned Pumpkin Snack which firms me up and has lots of healthy vitamins. YUM! When mum told the vet what she chose they said, Way ta go!! REALLY Excellent Choices..And the vet said Science Diet wasn't one they would recommend.. (Kinda surprised but my cousin switched just to see if it made a difference because she has always been on the SD but had puppy acne ;( Well now after less than 3.5 weeks of trying my choice food she has No more skin issues for the first very time ever! skins smooth as a baby..and her coat even seems silkier and it was pretty to begin with.

Here's a couple of sites my parents found that might be helpful and at least interesting for everyone about dog food ..


http://bul lmarketfrogs.com/blog/2009/07/a-guide-to-grading-your-dog-food/snoopy
Mr. Kite "Sumo"

being for the- benefit of mr.- kite.
Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 8:31pm PST 
ugh can't believe i had sumo on science diet
&blue buffalo (not that i dont like blue buffalo)
after doing so much research, he is on a grain
free kibble with added tripe and ziwipeak wet-
and we are starting prey-model raw for the new year!


Pooter- MacPootenstein
Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 11:23am PST 
We go the raw food diet approach and have since we first got all three Frenchies. Rocco is 5, Olive is 2 and our adopted rescue Bocce is 7 years old. They do very well and we were given this recipe by our previous doggy day care owner.

It consists of raw ground lamb, brown rice, carrots, kale, parsley, currents. low sodium beef broth and a bit of olive oil.

We boil the carrots and kale in the beef broth and water until slightly soft. Then, we take them out and cook the brown rice. We chop up the parsley, carrots and kale and add the currents and brown rice into a big container. After all this, we use little cups with lids and freeze this and the small cups of ground lamb.

Each dog gets one cup of the grain and one cup of the lamb in the morning and the evening. All three Frenchies are very healthy and fit.

We add salmon oil to every meal and then give them all a doggy vitamin in the morning and one glucosamine chewable in the evening to help their joints etc.

Our vet says that our dogs are in great shape, even though he never usually recommends a raw food diet. We just feel better about it, since there are so many additives in dog food and other meats at the grocery store. Lamb is the least full of steroids and other additives in comparison to meats like beef, chicken and pork. For a dog's little body, these additives can be very potent and cause more problems - Hence lamb from our butcher... He has a bag of freshly ground lamb ready for us every Monday morning.

I hope this helps. Be well and good luck!
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