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I Hate Rain
Barked: Tue Apr 3, '07 5:11pm PST 
35 lbs?! I thought George was huge at a whopping 29.6!
I found for itching that royal canine bulldog stopped george's paw licking in it's tracks. He doesn't do it at all any more when he used to do it all the time. So if anyone has itchy feet problems you may want to try royal canine (tho warning, it can be very expensive in some areas). Also he seemed to like it a lot more than the science diet he had been on and Yvie prefers it over her temporary purina.
I know a lot of frenchies are on raw, and tho they looook beautiful i am just not in a place in my life yet where i can make that commitment.

Eat, Play,- Snuggle-Cuddle,- Repeat.
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 6:57am PST 
Hi there!
I eat California Natural's Lamb and Rice.
I have allergies too and eat my toes and scratch my ears like a dog with fleas when I eat anything else.. we've tried special vet stuff and Iams and Royal Canine.. this is the best so far.
I see I'm not the only puker though.. Daddy is getting real mad at my throwing up but he knows I hate it too and feels sad.shrug
Mommy thought i was throwing up more becuase I keep getting super excited with all the company that is coming to see my new baby sister but I don't think that's the problem. I mean that's just embarassing to think company makes me barf.cry
Frenchies are fun huh?dancing

Gimme some- sticks.. I luv- um..
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 1:02pm PST 
Hi there.. I eat Eukanuba.. Mommy doesn't have many choices for food other than Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams or cheap commerical brand. Science Diet gave me as Daddy says eye burning gas. No problems with Eukanuba. I don't throw up which suprises my parents because I eat a lot of sticks which drives my Mommy crazy she says all I poop is poop covered sticks. When we go walk in the forest I try to bring home tree branchs.

Hannibull- Barka

Obey the- Frenchie
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 1:19pm PST 
Me and Clementine eat a raw diet of meat/organs/bones/green tripe/fish oil/a little veggies (no carrots for me, no spinach for Clem)/ plain yogurt or kefir. And some fish or eggs every once in a whiledancing Mom had a Bulldog before with allergies and after dealing with her she said she will never try to figure which of the many ingredients in a processed food are the culprit so us Frenchies only get whole, fresh food, that way she knows exactly what the problem is if one crops up (i.e. carrots and sardines out for me frown , spinach and lamb mess with Clem) We have great stools (whatever that means) and Mom only has to do pick ups once or twice a day and we are the rare Bullies that do not have smelly gas (except when Dad slips us some of his McDonald's food) then the farts are dead giveaways that we ate something we weren't supposed to.

Spoiled... Just- like Mom
Barked: Thu Aug 16, '07 10:01am PST 
I feed Remy Royal Canin. (That's what the breeder was feeding her.) I actually work at a pet store, so we tried a bunch of different brands. Everything except the Royal Canin gave her terrible gas and loose stools. Once I put her back on the Royal Canin, she was fine and her coat looks awesome. Once she's a year, I think I will slowly transition her to raw. Hopefully, she won't have any digestive issues while transitioning. My best advice would be to try some of the holistic foods out. They have many features and benefits that nationally well known brands don't have such as Science Diet, Iams, etc. Anyhoo, good luck with finding the perfect food!

paige aka- pigglett or- piggles
Barked: Tue Jun 24, '08 12:44pm PST 
my girls get Solid gold and Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul .. we dont feed anything with corn or soy ..frenchies are prone to issues with both but we also eat baby carrots alot and the other day we got a happy bite of icecream yummieee

Momma's Mia
Barked: Mon Jun 30, '08 10:32am PST 
We eat Eukaneuba small breed puppy here. The food does not give me gas but the treats sure do. Mom has switched to pure chicken chips and it has helped some. We do not have any tummy problems yet but my sister and I are only 17 weeks old now. Since we do not have any problems our vet has advised mom not to change our food until we make the switch to adult food. The less change in our diet the better our vet says. When we switch to adult food mom is going to try something with less grain to avoid any allergies.

Her Majesty
Barked: Thu Jul 17, '08 9:11pm PST 
We had trouble with sensitive skin and went to Hills Prescription Z/D formula. The lumps on Lucy's skin went away and she has been healthy and no digestive problems since. After a while we started combining the Z/D with C/D for urinary problems and the mixture has proven to work quite well for us.
Stella White

I'm the boss- applesauce!
Barked: Wed Aug 6, '08 9:23am PST 
I was eating all raw food, and I was doing great on it, but Dad couldn't get over the ick factor. So, then mom put me on Innova EVO and unfortunately, my gas was AWFUL! So, now I eat Wellness puppy and its solved (most of) the gas problems.
P.S.- I LOVED any and all food I've ever eaten, thats never been an issue smile

The Long Goodbye
Barked: Tue Aug 26, '08 7:53am PST 
this is a little late of a response but i eat raw. i think it makes me look shiney!
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