Can rawhide go bad?

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Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 11:37am PST 
I know people have varying opinions on rawhide and whether dogs should be allowed any, but growing up our dogs always had a rawhide or two around and never had any problems.
That said, Rally isn't allowed much since he's a shockingly powerful chewer for his small size, and loves rawhide in particular so much that he has to be carefully supervised to keep him from swallowing chunks. (Most dogs seem to chew until it gets a little slimy and pull of tiny bits; Rally goes for the saturate and tear.)
So the last time we were visiting my parents, Rally found an old, old rawhide that belonged to our senior poodle (she hasn't chewed much in the last few years). I let him chew on it a bit and realized that because it is so old, he can't decimate it like he does "fresh" rawhide. Its the only toy other than nylabones that i can leave him alone with since he can't destroy it.
Is there anything wrong with letting him chew it? Is it just stale and tough or can rawhide actually "go bad?"


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Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 11:41am PST 
That's a really good question! laugh out loud I wondering the same thing now! I'm pretty sure that raw-hides can only go stale, but I'm not sure. I'll stick around with you until we find out the answer. wink

Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 4:42pm PST 
Well considering it is the skin of a cow... it is likely that the fats in it could go rancid, and just like anything else that is protein based, I could easily see how it would go bad.

I know very often our dogs like to take bully sticks outside, and often they get left, or buried... when one comes back around, its usually a little rancid to say the least.... I would say use your judgment... kinda like when you find something in the fridge that may or may not have been in there too long!


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Barked: Mon Jul 30, '07 3:18pm PST 
Well, much of what we (humans) would consider 'BAD' a dog could eat. They are much more tolerant of many things that would make us sick because food passes through their systems much faster

We don't allow our dogs rawhide but do allow bully sticks. I know they get REALLY stinky. That said, if the dogs still want em, we let them have them.