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Jasper- (1998~2016)

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Barked: Thu Nov 27, '14 4:37am PST 
I recommend that people stay away from feeding Pedigree. It’s too low in protein, too low in fat, too high in fiber, too low in omega 3 fatty acids, too low in Vitamin E and too low in Vitamin C. Low protein intake causes poor health, muscle break down and even death. Diets too low in fat cause poor vitamin absorption, depression and even increase a dog’s risk of cancer.
Jack- (Bubbles)

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Barked: Mon Dec 8, '14 11:42am PST 
I wish I saw this BEFORE all 3 of my babies had runs this weekend. Going to bland diet them the next couple days but what do we feed them after?

Farrah- ♥12/9- 7-3/06

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Barked: Mon Dec 8, '14 11:43am PST 
Jasper...makes me wonder if this is what caused Farrah's cancer, since she had Pedigree her whole life.