Treats/ chews for clean teeth

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Hello everyone,

So I am wondering how effective, in your experience, greenies and such treats and/ or other chews are for clean teeth. Do they actually work? My little pup can get one down in half a minute, if that so I don't know if they would be a good investment.

Any tips?

We do grain free or homemade doggie biscuits, doggie ice cream, and bully sticks as well as frozen peanut butter Kongs but he doesn't chew on the nylabones any more. And be can chew through most things pretty fast, we use the black Kongs as be will take chicks out of the red ones and even thy get replaced every so often.
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Teeth cleaning treats and chew toys may or may not help to clean teeth, that seems to depend on the dog and their chewing style. Many people suggest giving your dog raw meaty bones instead of those treats and chews to help clean the teeth but depending on your dog's chewing style they may not clean all of their teeth chewing up and eating a raw meaty bone. I would also recommend brushing your pup's teeth with an enzymatic dog toothpaste.

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I know Greenies are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to be effective at removing plaque and tartar. This involves independent testing. Benny loves his Greenies, he gets them every other day because we're on a budget. He also gets raw bones to eat every once in a while.

I have toothpaste for him but I'm terrible at being on top of brushing. Every little bit helps though and the vet always says he has perfect teeth way to go


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I'm a little iffy about how effective Greenies can be when most dogs chew them once or twice and then swallow them. Clean teeth results from long-lasting chews and lots of gnawing.
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Forget those store bought (so called) tooth cleaning treats loaded with chemicals > go to your local butcher and depending on the size of dog get some Beef Rib bones. MY Bells gets a little rack 4"-6" long.
I separate them and I'll cut a lot of the meat off and keep it for myself but I also leave a decent amount on too.

Two things happen...the action of pulling the meat from the bone acts like a 'flossing-action' for the front teeth.
The slow persistent grinding-away of the bone and hard marrow scrapes the tarter away from the side teeth.

From a 4" rib bone she may spend an hour and grind away a thumb size section then she's done with it...after one bone her teeth are cleaned right up!

Raw (always RAW) Beef rib bones don't splinter or break away...it's more of a very small grinding away of the bone is what's being done.

BTW,I only give rib bones that were previously frozen...that kills any bacteria that 'may' be on the bone.

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My dog chews her regular size Greenies slowly so she does get the benefit by using her natural chewing action to help fight both plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of her teeth. You are right that if your dog is a gulper she/he will not get the full benefits of the scraping action to help remove the plaque and tartar by using Greenies. Toothbrush cleaning is one of the best ways to have great oral health for your dog. I also brush her teeth. She also gets a Dentley's Stuffed Knuckle Bone Dog Treat. They are made in the USA and I buy them at Petsmart for about $8 each. They last a long time and they definitely help her teeth. Highly digestible.