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Looking to switch my two labs' food from Nature's Domain to ??? The problem is they both have two different issues but I think a limited ingredient diet would benefit both. My almost 7 year old is a little on the thin side & has been scratching a lot lately. I'm constantly checking for fleas but no signs of them nor are they on any of the other 3 dogs. Also no hot spots or ear issues. My other boy is a little chunky but has a sensitive stomach. They both are very active & otherwise healthy dogs. Always looking for ways to improve their coats especially this time of year. I'm looking at various brands but has anyone had experience with Wellness L.I.D. formulas? If so can you give me your experience with it?

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I know my dog didn't like Wellness (he would barely it), but the vet did like it as a brand and usually recommends it. I could be that the thinner dog is just having dry skin. This happens to Beowulf now and then and we just add coconut oil, salmon oil, and a little vitamin e to his food. It could also be an allergy - see what a little benedryl does (consult your vet first on this). For the dog with the sensitive stomach you could add a little rice when his tummy is upset. Beowulf is fed Merrick, which he loves especially when we mix in a tablespoon of their wet food too!
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Have you looked into Acana, great foods and they now have limited ingredient formulas. As far as your itchy dog, she may need more fatty acids added such as a good fish oil with at least 500mg DHA/EPA, coconut oil, flax seed oils. I am a big believer in changing foods very often, I feed different food all the time but I am a big raw food feeder along with Acana and Orijen. I add different meats all the time, I add beef heart, small amounts of liver, tripe. Dogs who are fed the same foods can overtime develop allergies to the food.
As far as your pup with a sensitive tummy you can make a great "cocktail" with slippery elm, aloe vera, acidophilus and chlorophyll, the slippery elm will coat the tummy, the aloe heals and soothes ulcers and the acidophilus is a probiotic. I work with a holistic veterinarian, we tell owners about this cocktail all the time, it works great, my dogs get it every night before bed. If you would like the recipe you can message me and I will send it to you. There is nothing in the cocktail that will harm your pup, it can only help.

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I actually think a limited ingredient diet would be suitable for both your dogs. LIDs help with sensitive skin and stomachs. Personally I've not used the wellness formula (do you mean core) though I do know a handful of people that use the core formula with success. One formula that I do know a lot of people use is the Natural Choice Venison LID. Its an LID and its grain free (sometimes LID's are not grain free, which seems counterintuitive thinking). I know lots of dogs that have had extreme skin conditions and they have had a lot of success with this formula. My friend has a dane that had chronic loose stools and they firmed right up when she started mixing the LID formula in with her current food 1:1.

Hope you find something that works!

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i really like Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet

My boy Baby is allergic to virtually everything, including egg, which is in basically every food (including LIDs). He does very well on Nature's Variety. They have quite a few flavors too. I suggest you go to their site and look at the ingredients.

You can order it from chewy.com if you can't find a store in the general vicinity. I find chewy to be far cheaper than the prices at my local stores!

Unfortunately I have no experience with wellness.

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Thank you everyone for the responses. I think I'm going to try the cocktail along with some oils & do some experimenting with foods. One of these days when I get up the nerve I may even try raw but for now I'm sticking with kibble. Thanks again!smile

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My Sandy here has both food allergies and a sensitive stomach. On the wrong diet, her entire back will go bald. And don't get me started on how she can't hold most grains down.. or they come out the other end.. messy. silenced

Premade raw has been amazing for her, but I understand being leery of trying it. Took me five years to go for it myself. Primal is the brand I use. I'd love to do prey model, but in college, I'm not home to feed her all the time and I don't trust my mom to understand the portions as well as I would.

She still gets kibble. I tried the Wellness LID.. and was not impressed. She actually didn't do that great on it. She stopped eating it after a week and her coat was rough while she did eat it. I actually found that she did her best on CORE where Wellness is concerned. She did decent enough on the Basics Blue Buffalo that is grain free.

(sometimes LID's are not grain free, which seems counterintuitive

Doesn't it, though? I'll never understand that.

It's still not as bad as the 'allergy' and 'sensitive stomach' formulas my previous vet sold. I had mentioned that Sandy had each problem and they showed me some dog food for allergies and sensitive systems. I can't remember the brand... but I remember looking at the ingredient list. Corn. That was one of the first ingredients. I told them "Corn is one of her allergies", meanwhile thinking isn't it one of the most COMMON ones? Yikes. confused

At least the high quality ones use decent grains. bol

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