What Is Your Dog's Favorite Treat(s)?

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Barked: Wed Feb 12, '14 6:54am PST 
My dogs' favorite treat is whatever comes out of our hands - lol! We don't buy special treats for our dogs, other than giving them a Kong smeared with a thin layer of p-nut butter around the inside wall and frozen when they have to be crated for several hours. We just use their kibble when we need to give them a quick treat. Too many calories = fat dogs.

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Barked: Thu Feb 13, '14 4:05pm PST 
Charlie is C R A Z Y for carrots! His vet suggested them when he needed to lose a few lbs and it has worked beautifully. He was 36 lbs and now is at his 28-lb. fighting weight.
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Barked: Sun Feb 16, '14 4:40am PST 

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Barked: Fri Feb 28, '14 10:59pm PST 
Bella LOVES the Neutro crunchy banana treats. Tank likes softer treats. The others dont really care but the new one Demon is like Bella and loves the banana ones. She gets the treats whenever she is around strangers and men. She was abused so men send her cowering behind me but she is doing better. She may never be able to be adopted by anyone because she bites. She bit my hubby just because he reached down to pet her. There was no warning growl or anything. She is slowly warming up to him but she cannot be around small children or babies YET. She was destined to be shot had she not gotten dumped in my lap.All because she was biting the lowlifes who owned her, not so much them but their baby. Or at least thats what we were told.

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