Rotation diet??

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So I have been researching, trying to decide on a dog food brand to switch too and I have seen that people rotate their dogs food? I do not really know what exactly a "rotation diet" is, do any of you feed your dog a rotation diet? Would you recommend a rotation diet? Any and all input is very much appreciated! smile

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I feed Merrick grain free line and I rotate different favors within their brand. They all have the exact same ingredients. The only ingredient that's different is the protein source. So one month it's chicken flavored the netpxy bag pork, then buffalo, but I wouldn't change whole new brands unless necessary. That's just me though.
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Thank you so much!

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There are so many differing opinions on this topic but personally I've been under the impression that variety was something that people crave but is not necessarily applicable to dogs. That said, I do add some canned food of different formulas to add variety and hopefully prevent sensitivities.

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I used a rotation diet with Samson and he seemed to really like it. Sati doesn't seem to mind and the cats enjoy it also. I stay with a few premium brands that are close in protien %, etc. and have not had a problem. To me it seems to keep their interest in the food from month to month, but that could just be me smile I know I would get bored eating the same thing month after month.
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I think as far as dogs wanting/needing variety goes, it depends on the individual dog. Sandy will stop eating a food if I feed it to her for too long. She's always been this way, even before I fed a rotation diet.

Sandy and Sweeney are on rotation diets. I recently cut canned out of Sandy's diet and replaced it with pre-made raw, but she still gets kibble in the evening and that is still rotated. She has allergies and sensitivities, so I have to be extra careful which brands I choose.

I rotate brands. A typical rotation is like this:
Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Wellness Core
Taste of the Wild
and back to the beginning (BB)

Both Sweeney and Sandy seem to do well on this diet. They have no problem eating and never seem to refuse food, their overall health is good, and their coat tends to stay nice (soft, no excessive shedding, etc).

Every dog is different, though. So, this may not work for your dog.