Food switch and energy levels- Nutro Natural Choice

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Desmond CGC

Poodle Swag
Barked: Sun Sep 29, '13 7:19pm PST 
Desmond has been on Blue Wilderness almost all of his life. We've tried Natural Balance before and Solid Gold, both gave him nasty poops. He was on Orijen for several years, but has since gone back to Blue due to budget.

I found a bag of Nutro Natural Choice for an absurdly low price (it was a mismark by the store, but I still got a 30lb bag for $4, and a broke college kid can't turn that down). But...

He is pooping... a lot. Like, 4-5 times a day a lot. Normally it's twice, maybe 3 times a day. His poop is weird, too- it's bright yellow. I honestly had to double take, but it's caution-sign yellow!! And soft. Not runny, but gross soft.

He is obnoxiously anxious ALL of the time. My normally chill couch-potato is consistently bothering me, begging for I-don't-know-what, and seems to be really hungry at mealtime. Usually a slow eater, Desmond has been scarfing his meals down.
He is panting, pacing, and trying to incite play 24/7. If I ignore his irritating begging, he starts yawning, licking his lips, whale-eyeing, and looking incredibly anxious. He'll nudge my hand to get me to play, bring me toys, and pounce up where I'm sitting. He seems like he has an abnormal amount of excess energy. This behavior is not normal in Desmond in THIS amount. Some, yes, but not constantly.

Am I overthinking by attributing his strange energy & appetite increase to the new food? I honestly have no idea what to think about the yellow poops- I've seen some unhealthy dogs have big wet piles of yellow-ish goop, but never from my baby. What gives?

(NOTE: there have literally been no changes in our day-to-day schedule, living arrangements, or exercise schedules. Everything is just the same as always, except the Nutro switch, which I transitioned over 2 weeks. He's been eating it for about 3 weeks)

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sun Sep 29, '13 10:39pm PST 
maybe they add more sugar to the food, which could attribute to the increased energy? I think the poop may be directly related to the food though. Hazel's first puppy food was Nutro Natural Choice, and she had soft poops, sometimes runny. She also went poop a lot more.

I have had her on grain free Merrick for the past month and her poop has firmed up, and she poops only once or twice a day. It is a smaller amount and it does not smell as bad.

I don't blame you for buying the food though, $4 for 30 lbs of Nutro is a great deal laugh out loud

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 6:16am PST 
Nutro's regular NC lines are way higher in starches and carbs than Wilderness, which might be why he's acting a bit more spazzy- carbs of course turn to sugar, and a sudden spike in blood sugar followed by a crash can cause a whole host of problems, including anxiety, general erratic behavior and hunger.

Personally, I wouldn't be TOO concerned yet... I would feed out the rest of it, ideally his body should adjust to the higher carb levels and he should level out by the end of the bag. If not, toss it, get the Wilderness next time.


Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 10:18am PST 
I understand why you bought it at that price, but I wouldn't feed ANYTHING Nutro, not for any price! That's just me, but I'm sure there are a lot of others that would agree. After the food is gone, I would go back to something better again.

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Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 12:12pm PST 
I would be tempted to get a small bag of Wilderness and slowly mix the two, with increasing amounts of Wilderness, over a two week or so period and see what happens. Or I would do some research, find something a little cheaper than Wilderness but better quality than Nutro, and try a slow switch.
Desmond CGC

Poodle Swag
Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 12:35pm PST 
Oh no, fear not, we are going directly back to Blue after this bag. wink It's my favorite brand, this is just a one time thing. That's $60 I don't have to spend this month, and I can use it for groceries or expensive school supplies. I think I may put him onto another line of Blue, though. He doesn't like the taste of the wilderness as much as this, and I think it's the chicken/rice flavor he likes. Maybe I'll do Life Protection or Salmon Basics, see how he does with that, since it has the oats & rice in it.

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Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 9:33pm PST 
Weird! Yellow?? Hmmm. Maybe it was something else he got into? I feed my puppy Nutro Ultra so its a little different but I know a fair few people that feed the Natural Choice line and I haven't heard yellow poo feedback confused

Every dog is different so if you found something that works then thats great (sometimes its easier said than done!). $4 is a comically good deal happy dance

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 11:26am PST 
yellow poop, and it feeling mushy, is because of all the grains / starches / dyes in the food.. you can actually see the grain too. The poop is lumpy and weird. And when it rains, the 'poop' stuff dissolves, and leaves you with a big pile of starchygrain stuff with the consistency of grits. This is because the dog wasn't able to fully digest it.

I've only ever fed raw, so I don't really have any experiences to share..

Also, does he do well on any other grainfree food ? (Wilderness is grainfree, right ?)
I'm sure you can find something cheaper than $60.. Taste of the Wild or 4Health Grainfree should be around $40 a bag.


Also, a lot of people think yellow poop is 'normal', or they just don't notice it (either cause they don't pick it up or don't care). So you're not going to hear about it a lot since most people who are that aware, tend to feed higher quality foods anyways.

I've gotten a lot of questions about why Nare's poo is so 'dark' (its just normal brown ?) and small. laugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Oct 24, '13 5:44am PST 
I have tried and tried to feed Nutro years ago. Every time I did, same thing: SUPER HUNGRY dogs who vomit yellow bile between meals and overnight. Lots of yellow poop. And dogs acting like they were either starving or tummies not feeling well.

I think it's so high in rice/grains/starches, which changes to glucose (sugar) in the blood and they have intensely high blood sugar spikes with equally terrible lows. NOT a fan of it. I had a Nutro rep try to talk me into feeding it again recently and I explained what happened every time I feed it and no way was I ever even going to entertain the idea.

Good luck, hope he's back onto blue soon!