Supplementing kibble to kickstart an appetite...is it a slippery slope?

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Barked: Fri Sep 20, '13 12:23pm PST 
I've got a foster right now who eats very slowly, and isn't eating the recommended amount for his size. He's also pretty thin, though that could be genetic as it looks like he's got some Italian Greyhound in him.

I've been thinking about supplementing his kibble a little bit and just adding things to it to add flavor so he'll dig into it a little more instead of picking up a piece or two at a time over the course of an hour. Things like mixing in broth, egg whites, etc. just to make it a bit more appetizing.

My concern with this, though, is that it might lead him to avoid his regular plain kibble even more than usual. Has anybody experienced this with their dog? Is there a way to sort of jumpstart his appetite? I've been feeding him on a schedule for the week or so I've had him, and I take the food away after about an hour. He scrounges for food whenever his kibble's not available, so it seems like he's plenty hungry.

Barked: Fri Sep 20, '13 3:33pm PST 
Silas is a picky eater, and was a slow eater. I did add wet food to his kibble a few times. For him, it was a mistake on my part. He refused to eat plain kibble after that.

However, I did the 15 minutes down, eat or don't eat until the next meal and that slowly worked for him. He now eats plain kibble fine.

I think it really depends on the dog. Have you tried a different type of kibble?