Fromm dog food...Opinions please

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Barked: Mon Aug 12, '13 12:00pm PST 
I was feeding my (very picky) Lily Evo dry which is the only dry food I could find that she would even touch. With the last two recalls I have decided to try something different and had tried one of the Fromm formulas which she seemed to like more than others. I have never even heard of Fromm before and was wondering what everyone thinks!

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Barked: Mon Aug 12, '13 12:08pm PST 
Fromm has been made in WI since 1904. The same family has owned it for 5 generations. My cats eat the canned and do great on it!
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Barked: Mon Aug 12, '13 1:19pm PST 
I like Fromm very much - in fact I've got a bag of Chicken A La Veg cat food sitting here with me so I remember take it when I check myself out tonight.

I do stay with their Four-Star and grain-free lines. Gold has ok ingredients and I trust the company, but I'd rather pay a bit more for the higher quality ingredients.


Barked: Tue Aug 13, '13 5:28am PST 
I've used Fromm grain free for a couple years now off and on. While I Do like the way it grows amazing, beautiful coat, I don't like that my dogs look 'squishy' instead of muscular (and this is even backing off feeding amounts) and also, the stool has a really bad smell. Yeah, it normally stinks, yes, but it has a different awful odor to it. I'm going to be trying something completely different once this bag of Game Bird runs out.

I've noticed my PWD is less itchy on the Game Bird than she was on the Surf N Turf, although her coat is now not as good. Good food, as far as dry foods go.

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Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 11:35am PST 
Great food! Its a tad pricey up here in Alaska but we get it in our rotation now and again. We like TOTW, Canidae, Natural Balance and Merrick

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Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 11:01pm PST 
If you leave the food long enough a dog will eat it when he is hungry. I think we are all a little guilty of spoiling them too much.

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Barked: Fri Aug 16, '13 6:41am PST 
We use the Fromm Grain-free four-star blends for our beagle. She is VERY fussy and likes two or three flavors to switch around per week. In fact, her coat is very soft and our vet claims the grain-free food make this so. We tried several brands prior to Fromm, resulting in a sick dog and vet bills. I recommend Fromm Grain free.

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Barked: Mon Aug 19, '13 2:07pm PST 
Sounds great! Thanks all dog

Barked: Wed Aug 21, '13 9:31am PST 
Fromm is a great company and makes good foods. My dogs especially like the Duck & Sweet Potato formula. We haven't tried the grain free formulas though.